Saving Florida’s Native Bromeliads: FCBS and the Evil Weevil Upheaval

What is the evil weevil?

How did the weevil get into Florida?

How long has the weevil been in Florida?

Where has the weevil moved within Florida?

Which bromeliads has the weevil attacked in Florida?

Which of Florida’s native bromeliads are under weevil attack?

Which of Florida’s native bromeliads is the weevil likely to attack?

What about Florida's other native bromeliads?

How long does the weevil live?

Where are the adults found?

Where are the other life stages found?

How does the weevil kill the plant?

What are other symptoms of weevil damage?

What happens when the weevil enters an area where there are native bromeliads?

How are bromeliad populations in parks and other natural areas being affected?

How is the weevil affecting south Florida’s river systems?

What is happening at Myakka River State Park in Sarasota County?

How can we manage the weevil?

How does classical biological control work?

What biological control agent can we use against the weevil?

What has been done so far?

What needs to be done next?

What needs to be done after the weevil is under control?

What is the FCBS seed-saving project?

Why is it so important to save Florida’s native bromeliads?

What can each of us do to aid in the evil weevil upheaval?

Where is further information available?