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'Save Florida's Native Bromeliads Project'

The Battle Against the Mexican Bromeliad (Evil) Weevil

Evil Weevil

Saving Florida�s Native Bromeliads: FCBS and the Evil Weevil Upheaval
This is the slide show presented by Dr. Barbra Larson at the 2000 FCBS Extravaganza

Up Close and Personal With the Evil Weevil - One Man's Encounters with Metamasius callizona
A photo essay by Olan Ray Creel

Florida Native Bromeliads Illustrated - Which ones are in peril from Metamasius callizona?

The Palmetto The Winter 99-2000 Issue of The Palmetto, the Quarterly Magazine of the Florida Native Plant Society, contained two articles about the "Evil Weevil" which we are pleased to publish here for you. Special thanks to Cameron Donaldson, editor of The Palmetto for permission to reproduce these articles.




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