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Starting with Bromeliads Front Cover

Starting with Bromeliads

A Guide to the Growing of Bromeliads

This book is packed with general cultivation information, perfect for the beginning grower is a great refresher for the experienced one as well.

For more information about Starting with Bromeliads, read the review below.

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Bromeliad Guild of Tampa Bay
Bromeliad Society of Central Florida
Caloosahatchee Bromeliad Society
Florida East Coast Bromeliad Society
Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society
Gainesville Bromeliad Society
Seminole Bromeliad and Tropical Plant Society
Treasure Coast Bromeliad Society

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Starting with Bromeliads

New Bromeliad Culture Book

Review by Karen Andreas

The Bromeliad Society of Queensland has published Starting with Bromeliads, A Guide to the Growing of Bromeliads, an excellent and comprehensive book about bromeliad culture. This soft cover book has 100 pages, 36 of which are full pages of color photographs. In addition to information about the most popular genera, it offers advice about light, temperature and air movement; watering; potting mixes; fertilizing; pests and problems; and propagation.

How-to information, such as removing pups and growing from seed, are accompanied by helpful photographs. The landscaping with bromeliads section is full of useful tips and, again, is amply illustrated.

Although this book was published in Australia, its information is basic to all bromeliad growers and is easily applicable to our own varied growing conditions here. In fact, the Council was so taken by this book that it ordered 500 copies which will be distributed to the affiliated member societies.

We haven't seen such a comprehensive publication in years, and this is a must-have book for any bromeliad library. The Bromeliad Society of Queensland is to be commended for providing such an inexpensive and valuable resource for our bromeliad community.

This book is available at this time only through the Council and its Affiliated members

This review was originally printed in the Newsletter of the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies, May 2007, Vol. 27, No. 2, (c)2007.

Starting with Bromeliads Front Cover Starting with Bromeliads Back Cover