Happy Holidays

and have a happy New Year



December 2003 Newsletter

Tis' the season to be jolly.

This month is the annual Holiday Party for the Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society. In the spirit of the season the F W C B S is having its annual social gathering and covered dish affair. With the club providing the meat trays, turkey, shrimp, rolls and drinks. Everyone else is to bring other goodies (vegetables, salads, deserts, etc.) to share.

Santa plans to make an appearance and we will have our usual gift plant exchange. Everyone who brings a plant will get one in return. Please make sure that the plant is of gift quality, something that you would like to give as a gift or receive. Proper name tags would be nice so the new owner knows what they have. Also there will be special door prize plants for the occasion.

Everyone please make a special effort to join us for this special event. There will not be a lot of business or speeches, just food, fun and fellowship

Please do not forget that the meeting night will be Tuesday December 2nd, that is the first Tuesday, at the Hope Presbyterian Church, 1698 S. Belcher Rd., Clearwater. The doors to the hall open at 7:00 and the eating will begin soon after, hope to see you there.

This is the last newsletter edited by myself

After almost 10 years editing this newsletter it is time to turn the editor position over to someone else. It is becoming more difficult to find the time and inspiration to produce an acceptable newsletter.

I want to apologize for the many errors in the newsletter last month. Both Carol Schultz's name and Ann Kavanagh's name was misspelled.

Also I was unaware that the Miami Society had withdrawn their bid to host the Estravaganza, and I had not properly changed the dates on the World Conference, which has recently been changed.

Information was incorrectly given to me on the name of the plant in Kiti Wetzel's art work and it should have been Guzmania 'Flor d'Anjou' according to Helga Tarver, so I will accept that as being accurate even though I have received 2 other spellings.

All I can say is that it was a very busy 2 weeks for me and I did not have time to research all of these things.

I also ruffled some feathers by including an article about a bromeliad related art item that was for sale. This was the only thing that had been submitted in a format that I would not have to retype, so I used it. I still think that it was appropriate and had a happy ending with the art going to a bromeliad collector who will appreciate the artwork and not just sold on eBay.




December 2 - FWCBS Holiday Party

August 11 to 15, 2004, World Conference, Chicago, IL


James Boynton, newsletter editor

Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society

994 Willowood Lane

Dunedin, Fl 34698