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December 2002 Newsletter

Tis' the season to be jolly.

This month is the annual Holiday Party for the Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society. We will celebrate with food and fellowship in the spirit of the season. Please see the article inside for more details. We will be having a good time and the more the merrier, so a big turn out is anticipated.

Please do not forget that the meeting night has been moved to Tuesday December 3rd. that is the first Tuesday, at the Hope Presbyterian Church, 1698 S. Belcher Rd., Clearwater. The doors to the hall open at 7:00 and the eating will begin soon after, hope to see you there.

Last Months Meeting

Last month Teri Bert, from Sarasota, told us about the morphology of bromeliads. She explained how very closely related bromeliads can look very different. She had plants with her to demonstrate the differences. Teri explained how the same plant can have different characteristics by being grown in a slightly different environment or location. As a plant's range expands it encounters different conditions and either adapts to them or passes away. This was a very interesting presentation and Teri did a good job with what could have been a very dull topic for many people. She did a good job of holding everyone's attention and covered her topic quickly and concisely using examples.

We want to thank Teri for her excellent presentation and hope that she returns to the club sometime in the future.


We want to thank Carol Orr, Donna Sinicrope and Ginny Gage who brought goodies last month

The December meeting will be our annual holiday party which is a pot luck affair with the club providing meat trays, rolls, and drinks and of course the plates, silverware, etc. Everyone is requested to bring a dish to share. These could be salads, vegetables, stuffing, appetizers or deserts.

Holiday Christmas Party

In the spirit of the season the Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society is having its annual party at our regular meeting on Tuesday, December 3 at Hope Presbyterian Church. It is a covered dish affair. With the club providing the basics and everyone else bringing goodies to share.

Santa plans to make an appearance and we will have our usual gift plant exchange. Everyone who brings a plant will get one in return. Please make sure that the plant is of gift quality, something that you would like to give as a gift or receive. Proper name tags would be nice so the new owner knows what they have. Also there will be special door prize plants for the occasion.

Everyone please make a special effort to join us for this special event. There will not be a lot of business or speeches, just food, fun and fellowship.


Special Show and Tell competition

The November meeting was a little cramped for time because we had to share the room with a poling place and it took them a while to close up and let us in. Since we got a later than expected start the anticipated Show and tell competition was postponed.

We will have the competition this month. There will be a competition for most beautiful and most bazaar. This will be a usual show and tell program and not a show. There will be a vote taken from the audience and the pots will not be judged. These plants do not have to be perfect or in clean pots, but we ask that they be healthy and free of bugs. Also please make sure that your plant will not make a mess on the floor. If you want to pull it out of the yard make sure that is in some sort of container so that it will contain the mess.

My understanding is that the prizes will be donated plants.


President's message

Happy Holidays to All

FWCBS comes to the end of a successful and productive year. We all worked together to help BSI put on a great World Conference and I'm proud of what we accomplished.

I want to recognize our outgoing Board members for their service: Marty Baxley who stepped in when needed to fill the important slot as our Vice President, Dave Johnston who completed 3 years as Trustee, and Linda Halley our able Secretary for many years.

Now I want to welcome our new board members , Ann Kavanagh, Judy Lund and Bob Albanese. I look forward to working with everyone.

I hope the coming year will be as successful as 2002 and we see FWCBS continue to grow.
......and to everyone, I wish a happy and healthy New year.


Electronic edition of the newsletter

This is the first month that the newsletter is being sent to some of our members via e-mail The newsletter is also posted on the internet, so I can add a link to that page for anyone that has difficulty downloading the newsletter. For everyone that would opt for getting the newsletter online the club would save postage and printing costs, which amount to 57 cents a month now or $6.84 a year. Besides saving money the newsletter would arrive quicker. In all the confusion at last month's meeting I did not put out the list for anyone with an e-mail address. I will have that list available at the November meeting. We are not going to force anyone to get the newsletter online, but if you would be willing to give it a try, be ready to sign up at the meeting.

Boggy Creek Bromeliads is going out of business

With her mom in a nursing home and her dad doing pretty good, Betsy McCrory can no longer keep up the nursery. The plants are in excellent condition and should be sold to people who will appreciate them. The first sale will be November 30th and December 1st only to bromeliad society members in the state and US if them come. Hours will be Saturday 8-4pm and Sunday 9-4pm. All major credit cars will be accepted.

The whole collection will be for sale including the plants in the yard. Every weekend through December the nursery will be opened to the public and hopefully all of the plants will be sold. The super cargo van is also up for sale along with lattice backgrounds used for shows, blank plant tags, wood and other items.

Directions: take I-4 East to Hwy 17-92/441 South (S. Orange Blossom Trail). Go South to Sand Lake Rd (482) and turn left. Sand Lake becomes McCoy Rd. Just after the Beeline/528 overpass, go straight onto Boggy Creek Rd., continue about 8 miles to Osceola County (Circle K store on corner) – continue straight on Boggy Creek Rd for one mile – watch for "Boggy Creek Bromeliads" sign on the left. Make sure you take these directions with as you will never find it if you don’t have the directions.

Report on field trip to Michael's Nursery in Venice

Sunday November 17 the Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society visited Michael's nursery. Although the weather was a little cool and blustery, everyone who attended had a good time. We want to thank the Kiehl's for hosting the event.

Report on 'Sara's Sunset'

Some more information has surfaced on Neo. "Sara's Sunset". Gyula Nemeth talked to Herb Hill and Herb claims that both he and Gary Hendrix made the cross. Herb also said that most of his cross went to Wally Berg and that is where I think that my plant came from originally. So perhaps both Herb Hill and Gary Hendrix should be give credit as the hybridizer. Also Helga found a listing in a 2000 Cargo Report offering the plant for sale. So I also e-mailed Dennis Cathcart and he suggested that the source might have been Gary Hendrix, but he was not sure. I e-mailed this information to Derek Butcher in Australia. He wrote back that he hopes that all current hybridists will take the time to register their efforts because it is a lot easier than trying to find the history later. Even with this history he cannot use the information as the actual hybridizer, but he will list it in my file notes under 'Sara's Sunset'.

Derek is also working on a Hybridists award to be given at every WBC. This could increase the participation in the registery program as well as recognizing the best in bromeliad hybrids.



December 3 - FWCBS Holiday Party

July 26 – August 2, 2004 World Conference, Chicago, IL


James Boynton, newsletter editor

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