This was Michael Kiehl’s plant that won the commercial sweepstakes award at the World Conference. Photo by Michael Andreas and copied from the FCBS website.

September 2002 Newsletter

There has been a need for a last minute substitution for the speaker at this month’s meeting. Ray Lemieux who works for Tropiflora Nursery in Sarasota is willing to step in and make a presentation on terrestrial bromeliads. What would we do without Tropiflora? We understand that Ray will bring plants with him to sell, so we will not allow membership plant sales that night.

Please do not forget that the meeting night has been moved to Tuesday September 3rd that is the first Tuesday, at the Hope Presbyterian Church, 1698 S. Belcher Rd., Clearwater. The doors to the hall open at 7:00 and the meeting will begin at 7:30, hope to see you there.

Last Months Meeting

Helga Tarver shared all of her bromeliad growing tips with the rest of us. We learned how to remove pups and pot them, keep them well fed and happy. There were many questions that got answers, and everyone enjoyed the presentation. Helga is one of our regular bromeliad resources. She is virtual walking library and can often add information on taxonomy questions at our meetings.

We want to thank Helga for making this excellent presentation to our society.


We want to thank Fay O’Rourke and Steve Littlefield and all those who surprised us with goodies last month

Sally Hetherly, Bill Sneden, Paula and Alton Lee have signed up to bring refreshments for September.

We still need people to sign for October and November. Drinks, ice, utensils, plates, etc. are furnished by the club.

Editorial Note

Now that the World Conference is over, we are starting to get back to normal again. One of the normal things that we have to do for the club is to start planning for next year. A nominating committee is being appointed to come up with a slate of officers. Most of the present officers are willing to continue for another year, but all would like someone else to assume the position if they have an interest. If you are willing to serve on the board or be an officer next year, please let Fay O’Rourke or another board member know. If you have a question about the job, contact that person or Fay and get more information. We would love to get more people involved, if we all share the load, we will not burn out the few.

Extravaganza scheduled for September

On Sept 6-7, 2002 the FCBS Extravaganza will be hosted by the Florida East Coast Bromeliad Society at the Daytona Beach Resort, 2700 N. Atlantic Ave, on Daytona Beach. There will be a Luau by the pool at 6 p.m. on Friday night, cost will be $20 per person. Seminars and plant sale will be conducted on Saturday followed by a banquet, which will cost $20 per person. A rare plant auction will follow the banquet. If you want to sell plants, you must preregister with Jay Thurrott at 386-761-4804 after 6 p.m. or leave a message on the answering machine. Registrations can be mailed to Robert Roberts, 87 Rose Drive, Palm Coast, Florida 32164. Hotel reservations must be made separately

The Daytona Beach Resort and Conference Center, 2700 North Atlantic Ave., will be offering special rates of $69.00 plus tax per night. Reservations can be made at 386-672-3770 or 800-654-6216, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You must mention Extravaganza ’02 to take advantage of the low rate. There is supposed to be a cut off date of August 25, so call them ASAP if you are interested.

The extravaganza is a good chance to meet bromeliad people from all across the state and have a really good time in the process. This should be a very good extravaganza on the beach.


Speaking of Tropiflora

One of the leading bromeliad nurseries in the world is right at our back door, just north of Sarasota. Dennis and Linda Cathcart own the nursery and have been members of our society for many years. Dennis received an award at the World conference for his efforts to promote bromeliads and his special contributions to this area of interest.

Our speaker for this month, Ray Lemieux works for Tropiflora and has made presentations in the past. Recently Dave Johnston, a longtime member of the FWCBS has joined the staff at Tropiflora.

Tropiflora grows and sells their bromeliads, orchids and other exotic plants all over the world through the mail. They maintain a quarterly newsletter called the Cargo Report, which is well worth reading. Beside being informative, it is also very entertaining, full of Dennis’ tales of life in the wild collecting bromeliads.

In the latest issue of the Cargo Report, they wrote:

"If you missed the
Bromeliad Beach Party
Fifteenth World Bromeliad Conference
You missed one of the best bromeliad conferences ever!

Our hats are off to all those who worked so hard to make the conference such a huge success and so much fun for all those that attended. The host society, The Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society and volunteer BSI members from all over came together in a magnificent way, creating one of the most exciting, entertaining, visually beautiful and monetarily rewarding conferences in memory. Many thanks also to all those who attended, from all over the U.S. and many countries around the world. This was truly a word-class event!

These bromeliad conferences are sponsored by the BSI, and a discounted rate is a benefit of membership. These conferences are the premier events of the bromeliad world, a great time to enjoy the beauty of bromeliads, add to your collection, meet old friends and make new friends.

The 16th Bromeliad World Conference will be held in Chicago in 2004. Start planning now to attend. You’ll be glad you did!"

Dennis never misses a chance to promote bromeliads or the BSI. The FWCBS wants to thank the Cathcarts for their generosity and efforts to help the bromeliad world.

Tropiflora has several special events at their nursery each year, where they sell off their excess stock and bring in some special plants. These events are a lot of fun and a chance to meet other enthusiasts from all over the state and add some very nice plants to your collection.

If anyone in the FWCBS wants to order something from Tropiflora, either by phone or e-mail, you can usually have them delivered at the meeting and save the postage. Keep this in mind as they carry lots of books and growing supplies in stock also.

We want to thank Dennis and Linda for everything that they did to make the World Conference a success and for everything that they do for the FWCBS and other clubs in the state.


Plant Recognition

The cover plant is a photo lifted from the web. There is very good coverage of the plants entered in the World Conference Show on the Florida Council Website, http://fcbs.org and is worth checking out. While you are there, you will notice that the Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society is well represented. I am not going to try to name everyone who entered plants in the show for fear that I will miss someone. I know that Marty Baxley, Michael Kiehl and Hega Tarver all had plants that made it to the room with the top awards.

Everyone who entered plants in the show is to be congratulated and thanked for their efforts.



September 3 - FWCBS meeting

September 6&7 - Extravaganza on Daytona Beach

November 9 – 10 Caloosahatchee Bromeliad Society Sale, Terry Park, Palm Beach Blvd, Ft. Myers

July 26 – August 2, 2004 World Conference, Chicago, IL


James Boynton, newsletter editor

Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society

994 Willowood Lane

Dunedin, Fl 34698