Aechmea ‘Can-Can’ which was entered into the World Conference show and discovered not to be on the present registered hybrids list, but research by Helga Tarver seems to indicated that it was listed in the 70's and may have been lost in the hand typing of lists.

photo by Jim Boynton

August 2002 Newsletter

Helga Tarver will be presenting the program at this month's meeting. She will be sharing her many years of growing bromeliads with the rest of us. Helga also has requested that everyone especially the new members bring a pencil and a piece of paper as she will be providing information in a manner that will make good notes. We are looking forward to Helga's presentation.

Please do not forget that the meeting night has been moved to Tuesday August 6th, that is the first Tuesday, at the Hope Presbyterian Church, 1698 S. Belcher Rd., Clearwater . The doors to the hall open at 7:00 and the meeting will begin at 7:30, hope to see you there.

Last Months Meeting

Bromeliads from A to Z was the title of the program presented by Bill Timm from Ft. Myers. He had slides of some very unusual bromeliads, some of which do not grow in cultivation. Many of his slides were of plants in their native habitat. It was an opportunity to see slides of plants that we do not ordinarily see.

We all want to thank him for his excellent presentation.


May refreshments will be provided by Kelly Goss, John Orr and Ginny Gage.

April refreshments were provided by provided by Helen Streck, Phyllis Steil, Susan Hessner and Ginnie Zimmerman. We want to thank all of them for their efforts.

Editorial Note

I guess that most of you have noticed that I missed the July newsletter. It is the first deadline that I have missed in quite a few years. Just before the production time, I had a heart attack. By the time I got out of the hospital, it was time to mail the newsletter, and it had not even been started yet, so there was no way that we could get one out. I hope that it did not confuse too many people and cause them to miss the meeting.

I will do my best not to repeat that again. Fortunately everything went well and I so not seem to have any permanent damage. A very nice doctor opened up my artery and left behind a stent to keep it open within a couple of hours of plugging it up. A couple of days later she went back in and left 2 more stents. Every thing seems to be fine. I am participating in a cardiac rehab program at Morton Plant Hospital.

Extravaganza scheduled for September

On Sept 6-7, 2002 the FCBS Extravaganza will be hosted by the Florida East Coast Bromeliad Society at the Daytona Beach Resort, 2700 N. Atlantic Ave, on Daytona Beach. There will be a Luau by the pool on Friday night, cost still to be determined. Seminars and plant sale will be conducted on Saturday followed by a banquet which will cost $20. If you want to sell plants, you must preregister with Jay Thurrott at 386-761-4804.

The hotel will be offering special rates of $69.00 per night. Reservations can be made at 386-672-3770 or 800-654-6216.

SHOW STATISTICS from the World Conference

There were 44 Show awards. These did not include the exhibit awards. Exhibits were not judged but were all awarded with a Conference award. There were 6 Commercial floor Exhibits, 7 Affiliate Society floor Exhibits, and 7 tabletop Exhibits which included special organizations and Affiliate Societies. The total number of exhibits was 20. Total Awards given out [not including rosettes] were 64. There were 385 Entries including both floor and table Exhibits. 123 different people entered in the Show. There were 85 bromeliads entered in the Commercial Section of the Show and 280 entered in the Hobbyist Section. This does not include exhibits.

Hobbyist Commercial


John Anderson Aechmea biflora Paul Deroose Guzmania ‘Marjan’ varigated


John Anderson Michael Kiehl


Jackie Johnson "Marooned on the Dry Dock" Artistic Arrangement

Kinzie –Bessellieu Memorial Award Best Neoregelia

John Boardman Neoregelia ‘Ronald’

Best of Panel Judges

Michael Young "Bromeliads on the Beach" Quilt Art

DIVISION I Single Blooming Hobbyist Commercial

Terrie Bert X Vriecantarea ‘Inferno’ Ward McCrory Tillandsia ‘Creation’

Section A

John Anderson Guzmania ‘Graaf van Hoorn’ Hill’s Raingreen Tropicals X Guzvriesea [Vr. ‘Eva’

X Guz. wittmackii ‘Deroose’]

DIVISION II Single Non-blooming Hobbyist Commercial

Ray Lemieux Encholirium horridum Bullis Bromeliads Werauria kupperiana

Section A

Nelwyn Anderson Guzmania ‘Claret’ Grant Groves Neoregelia ‘Painted Desert’

DIVISION III Multi. Blooming Hobbyist Commercial

Terrie Bert Neophytum Ralph Davis Hill’s Raingreen Tropicals

‘Galactic Warrior’ Vriesea [wamingii X ensiformis]

Section A

George Aldrich Neoregelia ‘Yang’ Hill’s Raingreen Tropicals

Vriesea [‘Junkanoo’ X Deroose 3602] X Deroose #718]]

DIVISION IV Multi Non-bloom Hobbyist Commercial

Terry Coulthard Aechmea fosteriana Hill’s Raingreen Tropicals Tillandsia araujei

Section A

Stephen Hoppin Pitcairnia ‘Stephen Hoppin’ Grant Groves Tillandsia usneoides

DIVISION V Horticultural Display Single Hobbyist Commercial

John Anderson Tillandsia streptophylla Tropiflora Tillandsia concolor

Section A non-bloom

Sam Smith Tillandsia streptophylla x concolor Tropiflora Tillandsia duratii

Section B bloom

Helga Tarver Tillandsia elizabethiae

DIVISION VI Horticultural Display [More than One]

Hobbyist Commercial

John Boardman Neoregelia ‘Ronald’ Tropiflora Tillandsia concolor cuitcatian

Section A non-bloom

John Boardman Aechmea ‘Blackie’

Section B blooming

Magali Groves Tillandsia funkiana

DIVISION VII [Non-standard]

Vicky Chirnside Ribbon Award

DIVISION VIII Artistic Arrangements

Peggy Nuse Miniature Portea petropolitana extensa

Section A

Joyce Brehm "Blue Lagoon"

DIVISION IX Decorative Container

Magali Groves Tillandsia leiboldiana

Section A

Helga Tarver Tillandsia funkiana

DIVISION XI Art [Section only]

Section A Michael Young Quilt Art "Bromeliads on the Beach"


"Grace Goode Silver Ingot-Best Cryptanthus Horticultural" "Best Cryptanthus Species"

Eloise Beach Cryptanthus microglaziovii

"Michael Young-Best of Show Cryptanthus Artistic"

Jim Schrenker Cryptanthus ‘Diverse Pink’

"Best Cryptanthus Hybrid-Warren Loose Award"

John Anderson Cryptanthus ‘Scott Irvin’

"Best Cryptanthus Single"

Eloise Beach Cryptanthus warasii

"Best Cryptanthus Multiple"

Marty Baxley Cryptanthus ‘Sea Foam’

"Best Decorative Container"

Virginia Schrenker Cryptanthus ‘Musk’


August 6 - FWCBS meeting

September 3 - FWCBS meeting

September 6&7 - Extravaganza on Daytona Beach

James Boynton, newsletter editor

Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society

994 Willowood Lane

Dunedin, Fl 34698