This is a small snake that was spotted on Sara’s Neoregelia ‘Guinea’, our bromeliad collection makes a home for a variety of small creatures.

January 2002 Newsletter

Come to the big show. That is right, the Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society is having a bromeliad show for its January meeting. We want everyone to enter at least 1 plant, to get used to preparing plants, filling out the registration cards, and watching how judging works at a real show. There will be trained judges and will be run as close to a real show as possible.

Please do not forget that the meeting night has been moved to Tuesday January 8th due to the New Year holiday, at the Hope Presbyterian Church, 1698 S. Belcher Rd. Clearwater Fl. The doors to the hall open at 7:00 and the serious eating will begin at 7:30, hope to see you there.

Last Months Meeting

As everybody must know the December was the FWCBS annual holiday party. There was lots of good food, fun and door prizes. Although Santa did not actually make an appearance, there was a gift exchange and lots of festive merriment.

The refreshment committee wants to thank everyone who participated and especially to the Judy and Gary Lund who picked up the food from Publix and helped decorate.


The refreshments for the January meeting will be provided by Carol Schultz, Ginny Gage, Jean Schnabel and Brad Johnson. I wonder what Brad is going to make? Brad here is a hint, I like chocolate chip cookies and brownies. It is nice to have someone Brad’s age interested in bromeliads and I know that everyone enjoys having him at the meetings.

The sign-up list for next years refreshments will be available at the meeting. Several people bring things multiple times and everyone is encouraged to bring something once a year. The society provides the drinks and the ice at the meetings.


As far as I know no one has taken over keeping track of the birthdays from Janet Bankhead, so I do not have a birthday list for this month.

So we will wish anyone in the club having a birthday this month to have a happy one.

We want to thank Janet for her efforts in keeping track of the birthdays and sending cards for a number of years.



The Tours for the WBC2002 that the Dolotowski’s have put together is a wonderful mix of fun and beauty. These begin on Monday, May 13, with a tour of the world famous Florida Aquarium. Tuesday’s tour is an all day affair beginning with a private garden, then on to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, the home of the Bromeliad Identification Center. Lunch is included.

Each day, ending on Monday, May 20, with a repeat of the Selby visit and a special treat of Tropiflora, home of the Cargo Report, will present a chance for something new and fantastic to experience. Ranging from a full day at the beach, complete with cookout, to a half-day shopping trip in Historic Dunedin, this is a comprehensive package designed to present the full Florida Experience. Even native Floridians have seldom taken the time to enjoy the variety of beautiful gardens and sight seeing opportunities that will be available.

A full explanation of each day’s tour is on the BSI.org website and is included in each registrant’s letter. Tours may be reserved on line at BSI.org and paid for by credit card.

The cut off date for having a "best wishes" ad in the Conference Program is rapidly approaching. To join the list of well-wishers requires a $10 donation to WBC2002. Please send these good wishes to Carolyn Schoenau.

March 1st is the deadline for requesting barcodes for member’s sales. Selling a few excess pups and adult bromeliads can help defray expenses of a vacation at the WBC2002 in St. Petersburg. Barcodes insure a full reimbursement of sales. They only have to be requested of Joyce Brehm and attached to the plant.

A chance of a lifetime is waiting just for you!

Tip of the month

This is an article submitted Helga Tarver. It comes from the BromeliAdvisory, Newsletter of the Bromeliad Society of South Florida, August 2001.

The following tip is taken from the BSSF web page, created by Peniel Romanelli, with additional suggestions from Karl Green. Now that our rainy season has really started, we have to watch for rot and water damage. Leaves that have turned brown and mushy are a system of "wet feet". Dump the water from the plant, remove the mushy leaves and let the plant dry off for a few days, if possible. If the center leaves smell bad, are loose and come out easily, you’ve got "crown rot". Gently remove the loose leaves and trim the damaged base of the plant. Rinse thoroughly. In either case, Karl strongly recommends immersing the sick plant in a fungicide, inverting it, letting it dry out and applying Rootone. Avoid repotting until it appears healthy again. While we’re having frequent rains, it’s a good idea to dump water from your plant frequently so they can dry out. If they look soggy and you can bring them under cover, so much the better.

State Fair Exhibit

The Florida State Fair is going to be from February 7 – 18 this year. In past years the FWCBS has entered a display, but last year we did not, due to a lack of manpower. If someone would like to head this project or even help, please contact Fay O’Rourke. Hope that someone would like to take on this project, but this is going to be a busy year for us as a club and no one will be too upset with us if we miss out on this opportunity this year.

President’s report

I would like to start the new year by thanking the Boyntons and Lunds for organizing the holiday party, thanks also to everyone who brought food, plants and most of all themselves.

We have a busy but fun year ahead of us, if we all work together.


Past President’s report

Well it is time to say goodbye to the president position and pass the gavel to Fay O’Rourke for the year of 2002. I want to thank everyone who made my year as president an easier one. The board of directors worked together to make the business of the club run smoothly. I know that the transition of this office will be very easy as Fay is experienced as president, and will have the time to help make the World Conference a great success. I hope that everyone will get behind Fay in her efforts to improve the club and help with the World Conference.

Some reminders from the Treasurer

Lets all do what we can to make Gary Lund’s job as Treasurer easier this year. I know that he will pick up extra work with the up-coming World Conference. 2002 dues are now due. Most of us have not done this yet and need to pay, so please get them to Gary as soon as possible so that he will not have to chase anyone.

Also Gary is now handling the new nametags. They are $3.50 each, and if you contact him in advance, He can have them ready for you at the meeting.

We are fortunate to have Gary back as treasurer for another year. His experience in the job is invaluable.


A few reminders for the New Year

  1. Please wear your nametags to all meetings and bromeliad activities.
  2. Renew your dues.
  3. Enter plants in the Show at the January meeting
  4. Invite guests to the regular club meetings.
  5. Tell people about the World Conference.
  6. Sign-up for refreshments on next year’s calendar
  7. Start preparing plants for the World Conference show.



January 8 – January FWCBS meeting rescheduled due to New Year’s Day – Mock Show

February 5 – FWCBS meeting

March 5 - FWCBS meeting

May 15, 2002, The beginning of the World Bromeliad Conference, St. Petersburg Hilton, Florida.


James Boynton, newsletter editor

Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society

994 Willowood Lane

Dunedin, Fl 34698