Affiliate Representatives Present: H.T. Sisco (substitute rep) and Tom Wolfe (BGTB), Sara Donayre and Suzanne Newman (substitute rep) (BSBC), Ben Klugh Jr and Betsy McCrory (substitute rep) (BSCF), Patty Gonzalez and Mike Michalski (BSSF), No rep (CBS), Carolyn Schoenau (substitute rep) (FECBS), Ashley Graham and Scott Nagley (substitute rep) (FWCBS), Carolyn and Ron Schoenau (GBS), David A. Johnson (SBS) and Sudi Hipsley and Kay Klugh (SBTPS).

Affiliate Representatives not Present: Caloosahatchee Bromeliad Society

Other Officials Present: Ron Cave, University of Florida

Guests: Karl Bauer, Nat DeLeon, Urszula Dudek, and Alan Herndon (BSSF), Bill McCrory (BSCF). and Scott Nagley (FWCBS)

The meeting was called to order by David Johnson, FCBS Chairman, at 1:26 p.m. Betsy McCrory was acting parliamentarian and noted that we have a quorum. All present introduced themselves.

Alan Herndon brought an old VHS tape from Racine Foster’s home of a trip Mulford made in 1946 to Colombia (some mold on the tape). He requested that someone in the group take the VHS tape; see if it can be transferred to a more modern medium. Alan asked what the appropriate format is for this so that it can be saved for the Archives and data would not be lost. Hopefully the result would be good enough that the video would be useful to the group and possibly Orlandiana 2012 either to provide a CD for Registration packets or for sale at the Conference. Betsy McCrory will attempt to find another copy of the VHS tape and see what can be done.

Possible resource persons are Eloise Beach and/or Jim Thompson for a VHS tape in better condition. It was also suggested that a picture of James Elmore would be a good addition to Rick Ryals video show at the Conference. Betsy McCrory will follow up on the VHS tape and Ron Schoenau will follow up on a picture of Elmore from Jim Thompson.

Minutes: Ben Klugh moved that the minutes from the April 14, 2012 be accepted as written. This motion was seconded by Sara Donayre and passed without dissent.

Financial report: Sudi Hipsley gave the financial report for the FCBS. The Weevil fund has a $5,389.30 balance; the FCBS balance was $17,982.51. Sudi also distributed her reports via email to all of the reps. The financial report was received for Audit at a later date.

Website report: Betsy McCrory gave a Website report from a written one sent to her from Michael Andreas. Michael continues to post photographs to the Photo Index. Check What New to view the list is. Many society Newsletters are regularly posted to the website. Don Beadle’s Slide Collection is well underway with more than 900 slides scanned to date; this includes pictures of species, cultivars, people, and even drawings by Mulford Foster. Karen will be interviewing Don for a profile to go along with the pictures. Stephen Littlefield’s profile was added to Bromeliad People. Examples of his art are in the Bromeliad Art Gallery. Newest edition to the Council webpage was the Facebook logo, encouraging people to "friend" the Council on that social media site.

Newsletter report: Betsy McCrory gave a Newsletter report from a written one sent to her from Karen Andreas. Societies are asked to request their rosters from the Webmaster for updating. Only a few updates have been received to date. Those missing were BSCF, BSSF, Gainesville, Sarasota and BGTB. The deadline for Roster changes was extended to July 18. Karen and Betsy discussed publishing a WBC newsletter in August but agreed there was insufficient information to warrant an entire issue. The Roster issue leaves little room for any additional INFORMATION; however the first page will be an advertisement promoting the WBC. In case you did not notice, the May issue contained 14 pages devoted to the WBC including the registration form. Betsy and Karen are coordinating a special mailing to Council members and some BSI members further promoting the WBC. The scheduled mailing date is the end of July. Karen continues to promote WBC events, FCBS, ITS website and activities of its member societies on Facebook. There have been approximately 50 people who have officially "liked" it (that is, joining a list of people who receive notification when anything new is posted). To date, she has not received any info for posting from Council Societies or members (except WBC info from Betsy). Karen looks through affiliate newsletters to find events to promote. A listing was passed around of FCBS volumes that are missing. Those in attendance were asked to go back to their societies and try to find copies of these issues. Missing issues are listed: Vol 1 – 9, Vol 10, #1 Feb 1990, Vol 11, #2, May 1991, Vol 16, #4, Nov 1996, Vol 18 #4 and Vol 19, #4. Karen is interested in any input as to contents and format of the Council newsletter. Please send your comments to Karen.

Next Meeting: The October 13, 2012 FCBS meeting will be hosted by the Gainesville Bromeliad Society and held at Oak Hammock at the University of Florida Commons Building. That same weekend is the Kanapaha Garden Festival in Gainesville. The full service Hilton is the nicest hotel. Other choices and details to follow when the Agenda is sent out.

Weevil report: Professor Ron Cave reported that there have been peaks and valleys in production of the parasitic fly. He covered the seasonality of their reproductive cycles, their temperature-dependency and other environmental factors. The Florida Tillandsia utriculata is being destroyed by the weevil; those in Central America are not. Ron’s research group is collecting data for analysis. They are also studying the Mexican weevil’s fertility and improving the larval hatching rate. They have been unable to make more releases due to a shortage of flies. Full report will be available on www.FCBS.org.

Ron Cave requested $700 to pay a person to send flies for his use. Ben Klugh made the motion to send this money and Ashley Graham seconded the motion. Motion passed without dissent. A display at Orlandiana 2012 will be provided by Ron Cave and other researchers.

BSI report: Tom Wolfe filled in with a report concerning Selby negotiations. Selby will provide office space and particulars for the headquarters. Hopefully, this will be accomplished by September 1, 2012. Employee(s) would be on the payroll of Selby and the money to pay their salary would come from BSI. Anyone wishing to donate please send BSI World Headquarters donations to BSI.

Clone Preservation Project: This topic was tabled until the next meeting when Jay Thurrott is available. Carolyn Schoenau made the motion to table this topic and it was seconded by Sara Donayre. Motion passed without dissent.

Next Judges School: The next judge’s school will be the weekend of July 21. It was reported that for Orlandiana 2012 there would be five judges on a panel (to include as many student judges as possible).

Extravaganza 2013: Ashley Graham announced that the Sheraton Sand Kay (on the beach) and the Holiday Inn Harborside (on the intercostal) are being considered as location. FWCBS will host this event. Ashley felt that by the next FCBS meeting in October, they would have a definite location decided upon.

Orlandiana 2012: Betsy McCrory reported the hotel deadline is August 25, 2012 to assure reservations in the desired location. Some advantages are 2-story exercise room, lovely pool area, All Suites, for $119.00 and Condo Alternatives for $219 per night. Included in the Registration package will be information concerning National Parks. Betsy praised Linda Sheetz for the wonderful job she is doing soliciting advertisements for the conference program. Marty gave a very thoughtful presentation concerning tours (the latest tour information, prices and registration is now available on the FCBS website). Registrants should sign up for tours as soon as possible. At the, Tours will cost $10 more.

Banquet choices include: Sierra Salad, Rolls and Butter and Key Lime Pie. Entries (choose 1): Bread Crumb Crusted Cod, Sliced Roasted Pork Loin, or Puffed Pastry with vegetables. Each entry has appropriate accompaniments. Luncheon items are: Tossed Green salad with ranch, Fried Buttermilk Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Buttered Corn and Peach Cobbler. Single Banquet tickets will be sold for $60 each. The Meet and Greet will provide desserts and cookies along with beer and wine at cash bar.

A Raffle and Silent Auction person still has not been recruited. Tom Wolfe is going to solicit someone from the BGTB. The raffle will have its own table separate from Registration and Hospitality.

Carolyn Schoenau brought up the situation that as Finance Chair for Orlandiana 2012, she is uncomfortable with fact that FCBS and BSI still do not have a formal contract or letter of agreement for hosting Orlandiana 2012. Much discussion ensured. A motion was made by Carolyn for Ron Schoenau and Tom Wolfe to meet with the BSI President, Jay Thurrott, and another BSI Board Member, if the President wishes, prior to the BSI Board meeting, Tuesday morning, September 25, 2012. The purpose being to generate a written financial agreement for the sharing of the 2012 World Conference expenses and/or profits. Seconded by Sudi Hipsley and passed with the agreement of the FCBS Chair.

Affiliate news: All affiliates reported Of note, BGTB’s show is April 28, 2013 and BSBC’s show is March 23-25, 2013. FWCBS had a successful Auction with ColorZone, Marty Baxley, and Tropiflora participating. See FCBS.org website for Society Newsletters with other details.

Carolyn Schoenau moved that the meeting be adjourned and everybody seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Draft 4.1 CS: Dated September 6, 2012