Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies


July 12, 2003

Societies present: South Florida (Nat DeLeon); Sarasota (Len and Inez Dolatowski); Florida West Coast (Bob Dalzell); Tampa Guild (Tom Wolfe and Bob Teems), Florida East Coast (Jay and Calandra Thurrott); Treasure Coast (Adele King); Broward County (Maureen and Bill Frazel); Gainesville (Carolyn Schoenau); Central Florida (John Boardman and Karen Andreas); Caloosahatchee (Dale Kammerlohr).

Societies not represented: Boca Raton; Seminole.

Others present: Mike Andreas, FCBS Webmaster; Ted and Peggy Nuse, FCBS Treasurers; Howard Frank , the Weevil project; Helen Dexter; Eloise Beach and Jim Pierce; Pam Flesher, BSCF vice-president.

The meeting was called to order at 1:20 PM by FCBS vice Chairman Carolyn Schoenau. The meeting was hosted by Bromeliad Society of Central Florida at the home of John Boardman in St. Cloud. Karen Andreas was acting secretary.

Representatives introduced themselves and shared news from their societies. Bob Dalzell reported that Florida West Coastís membership is growing. Adele King, president of Treasure Coast, is working to build a bromeliad society in Indian River County. She is looking for guest speakers. Jay Thurrott told everyone about Florida East Coast members rehabilitating the bromeliad beds in a local botanical garden.

A motion was made by Bob Dalzell with the second from Ted Nuse to accept the April minutes with two changes. Dr. Frank made a correction in the ninth paragraph: "The weevil is now present in Brevard County south of Melbourne" was changed to "north of Melbourne." Karen Andreas requested a change for clarification about the survey forms: "Karen Andreas distributed a survey form that will be sent to all FCBS members" with the addition of "in the quarterly newsletter." The motion carried unanimously.

Ted Nuse presented the Treasurerís Report. Present totals are: Weevil Fund $16,707.30; FCBS general fund $5168.18. The Gainesville Society is the only member society that has not paid dues. The Council finances are better than this time last year because of the Councilís decision to use the proceeds from the Rare Plant Auction for operational expenses this year since the Weevil Fund has enough funding to sustain the program. Ted also reported letters of appreciation from Selby Botanical Gardens and the University of Florida for the Councilís financial support. A motion to accept the Treasurerís Report was made by Nat DeLeon and seconded by Bob Dalzell. Motion passed unanimously.

Mike Andreas gave the Webmasterís Report. More than 159,000 visitors have come to the website. A new database has been added, "Bromeliad Tank Dwellers," bringing the total number of databases on the site to six. Mike is working on a backlog of pictures; there is no shortage of contributors to the site. His report was filed with the secretary.

Inez Dolatowski reported that she and Len are waiting for details on the Extravaganza before sending out the next newsletter. Everyone agreed that was prudent. Inez has only received two requests for printed rosters. She also will email the roster file to anyone who asks for it.

No one was present to give a Grant Report.

Dr. Howard Frank gave the Weevil Report. The Florida Park Service has renewed its grant with $55,000. This grant will continue support for the researcher in Honduras, who is working with the flies, as well as Teresa Cooperís graduate study of bromeliads and weevil populations in several state parks. For more details on recent weevil research, visit http://savebromeliads.ifas.ufl.edu/reports.htm. The weevil has been found in Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park in northwest Okeechobee County. Seed collecting has been so successful that the two volunteer growers, John Russell and Phil Fenner, are overwhelmed at the moment. Volunteer growers are needed; John Russell has offered to assist any new grower in starting up the operation. Societies that have not done so need to pay Ted Nuse for the bromeliad identification packs. Please remember to include the number of decks for which you are paying as well as the name of your society on the check. Posters are still available.

Bill Frazell reported that 11 students attended the May 31 Judges School. There will be another Judges School before the World Conference next year, probably after January. The requirement for judges to attend symposiums to maintain their certification will be satisfied this year by the judgesí attendance at the seminars at the Extravaganza. There also will be a session on point scoring for those who need it.

Karen Andreas had no report on the membership survey; it is awaiting publication in the next newsletter.

Nat DeLeon reported on the Extravaganza. It will be held at the Miccosukee Resort and Convention Center (500 SW 177 Avenue, Miami 33194), on the second floor and away from the gaming area. Set up and registration will be on November 14. The Extravaganza will be held on November 15 and 16. Harry Luther will be one of the speakers. There will be one speaker for general bromeliad care and cultivation for the general public. A large exhibit will be at the entryway on the first floor to advertise the sale. There will be both commercial and member sales. Nat is looking into other hotels in the area to see if better rates are available; there is no obligation for a set number of room nights at the Miccosukee Convention Center. Sellers will need to get an identification number. Email karen@fcbs.org for information. The sales split will be 75-25%.

Nat requested that the sales tags be any other color than red. Eloise Beach pointed out how difficult it was to get tags to the sellers. Since the color of the sales tags is not specified in the standing rules but it may have been established by a previous motion, Ted Nuse made a motion with a second by Tom Wolfe to leave the color of the sales tags up to the host society. Motion passed unanimously.

The Extravaganza banquet will also be held at the Convention Center, with a cash bar. Nat said they are working on airboat tours into the Everglades for Sunday morning. He confirmed that the FCBS pays for one mailing to promote the Extravaganza. Nat reminded the representatives that each society is responsible for providing five rare or unusual bromeliads for the Rare Plant Auction.

Tom Wolfe offered a list of bromeliad speakers that he has compiled. Everyone was most appreciative. Tom reported on the BSI Board Meeting that was held in Chicago at the same hotel where the World Conference will be next year. It is within five minutes of the airport, and the hotel offers shuttle service every half hour. It also is close to a stop for the commuter train to go downtown. Most of the chairs for the World Conference planning committees are filled but there are a few that are in need of a chairman: Banquet, Raffle. Commercial Displays, Security and Rare Plant Auction. Harry Luther has most of the speakers committed for the Taxonomic Seminar.

Tom announced a new BSI affiliate in Queensland, Australia. A new California society from San Bernadino is working towards affiliation. The BSI continues to work with Selby Botanical Garden for the BSI headquarters. Selby is providing an office in its new building; the BSI will make a donation to solidify its arrangement with Selby. In a policy change for the BSI, the officers of its affiliated societies will no longer be required to be members of the BSI, only encouraged. This policy was never enforceable and often difficult for overseas societies to meet. Everyone agreed this was a good change.

Karen Andreas asked if representatives found the meeting summary helpful and if they wanted to continue to receive them after the meetings. The summaries can be used for FCBS reports to its member societies as well as in newsletters. The draft minutes will be posted on line within a day or so. Karen said she would remove the personal contact information from the posted minutes, if the representatives approved. The consensus was to continue with the summaries and to approve the removal of personal contact information in the web site version of the minutes.

The October meeting will be hosted by Boca Raton; the January meeting will be hosted by Florida East Coast.

There being no further business, Bob Teems made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Ted Nuse. The motion was approved unanimously and Carolyn adjourned the meeting at 2:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Andreas

Acting Secretary