Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies


April 12, 2008

Meeting and lunch were hosted by the Bromeliad Guild of Tampa Bay at The Sheraton Suites, Tampa Airport 4400 W Cypress St Tampa Florida. This is the hotel where the 2008 Extravanganza will be held in August.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Jose "Pepe" Donayre at 1:15pm. The council officers were introduced. Pepe thanked Tom Wolfe for the excellent lunch.

Karen Andreas, parliamentarian, stated that we had a quorum of 10 societies represented.

Motion was made by Sara Donayre and seconded by Carolyn Schoenau to accept the minutes from the January 12, 2008 meeting as printed. Motion carried.

Sudi Hipsley, treasurer gave the financial report and as of April 12, 2008 the balance in all accounts was $19.838.88. The report will be filed for audit. Sudi brought up that she sees a problem with the rosters that are submitted by the societies by the deadline now imposed. There seems to be a big difference from December to the April 1 deadline in the number of members receiving the newsletter. A motion for a By-Law change was made by Betsy McCrory and seconded by Juan Espinosa-Almodovar that the societies will be billed based on the roster as of December 31 (maintained by Michael Andreas) for payment by February 28 with their new rosters due by April 1. Motion carried. The language for the By-Law change will be sent to all representatives for voting at the July 12, 2008 meeting.

Betsy McCrory gave the annual audit report stating that she found the treasurerís books in perfect order.

Michael Andreas, Webmaster. Reported that he has posted a bunch of new pictures of Neoregelias. The website is getting over a million hits a month. The Cryptanthus Society now has a home page on the website. Karen is looking for help in tracking down a JL who has been using dozen of pictures from the Council website, Tropifloraís website and graduate student Teresa Cooperís website, as well as passing off BSI articles as his own. She has emailed him several cease and desist emails however, she needs a snail mail address for him.

Because JL has also used the Council logo on his posts-and as a link to his own blog-Karen recommended that we have the councilís logo copyrighted. Juan Espinosa-Almodovar made a motion and Carolyn Schoenau seconded that Karen Andreas proceed in having the councilís logo and website copyrighted. Motion carried.

Karen Andreas, Newsletter Editor, reported that the next newsletter will be coming out the first part of May and will have the list of Bromeliad Sources in it. April 18th is the deadline for this issue.

Ron Cave, Weevil Project, reported that in January 130 flies were released in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and 109 flies were released at the Enchanted Forest. February 78 flies were released in Seminole Collier State Park and 110 flies were released in Big Cypress National Preserve. No releases in March. Ron gave a report on a high school student, David Pick, who has been working at the Ft Pierce laboratory. His research project "Evaluation of Artificial Diets for Rearing Metamasius Callizona (Coleoptera: Dryophthoridae) was presented at the Treasure Coast Science Fair in early February and won first price. He has been invited to present his project at the Florida State Science and Engineering Fair in Lakeland and the International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, GA. Because he is not in public school, however, he is not receiving any public funds to assist in his participation in the show. Juan Espinosa-Almodovar made a motion and Butch Force seconded that the Council award David Pick a check for $500 to help cover his expenses. Motion carried. David will be invited to the council meeting on July 12 at the St Lucie County Extension Service in Fort Pierce.

Karen Andreas mentioned that we have a member of a society that is out of the country and we can not get the newsletter sent to them by using the bulk mailing permit. The newsletter must be in an envelope and have a customs form. It was suggested that the newsletter for that member be sent to the society for the society to send. That suggestion was agreed on by all members present.

BSI Report: The 2010 World Bromeliad Conference will be July 26-Aug 1 in New Orleans, LA at the Aster Crown Plaza. The theme will be "Bromeliads in the Big Easy."

As part of adopting the Rare Plant Auction procedures, the following Standing Rules changes were made:

Standing Rule 1: Motion to change by Carolyn Schoenau, seconded by Juan Espinosa-Almodovar: The society hosting the Extravanganza for the following year should be determined at each July Florida Council meeting. The Council Vice-Chairman will have the duty of coordinating the date of the Extravaganza with the Representative societies bromeliad shows to ensure there is no conflict with other shows, sales or the World Bromeliad Conference . Motion carried.

Standing Rule 8, B1: Motion to change by Betsy McCrory, seconded by Calandra Thurrott: Each affiliate society of FCBS shall contribute a minimum of five (5) rare or bromeliad-related items for auction. Motion carried.

Standing Rule 8, B2: Motion to change by Jose Donayre, seconded by Juan Espinosa-Almodovar: The host society is responsible for providing the physical space for the auction. Physical arrangements for assembling and staging the plants prior to the auction will be the responsibility of the Chairman with the assistance of the host society. Motion carried.

Standing Rule 8, B3: Motion to change by Carolyn Schoenau, seconded by Mark Peters: All proceeds from the Rare Plant Auction shall be made payable to and collected by FCBS. The Council Chairman and Treasurer shall be in charge of all finances of the auction. The host society will work closely with them and their designees in all appropriate aspects of planning and operation. Motion carried.

Motion made by Carolyn Schoenau and seconded by Vicky Chirnside to approve the final draft of the Bromeliad Extravaganza Rare Plant Auction Procedures that Karen Andreas and Betsy McCrory worked on. Motion carried.

Before the meeting Tom Wolfe took everyone on a tour of the facilities at the hotel. Tom also gave out the schedule of events and the list of garden tours for the Sunday after the Extravanganza.

Betsy McCrory reported no progress on the 2009 Extravanganza that will be hosted by the Bromeliad Society of Central Florida.

The next Florida Council meeting will be held on July 12, 2008 at the St Lucie County Extension Service located at 8400 Picos Rd, Fort Pierce FL. It will be hosted by the Treasure Coast Bromeliad Society.

Society representatives gave reports on what is happening at their societies. A full report will be in the next issue of the council newsletter.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Carolyn Schoenau and seconded by Mike Michalski at 3:50pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Betsy McCrory, Secretary