Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies

Quarterly Meeting March 26, 2011


The meeting was called to order by the Chairman Tom Wolfe at 1:00 PM. The meeting was held at Volunteer Park Community Center, and was hosted by The Bromeliad Society of Broward County. The Chairman asked all Societies to roll call, with all ten Societies present at the roll call. The members are listed below.

Tom Wolfe, David A. Johnson, Kenneth Stokes, Calandra and Jay Thurrott, john and Janet Bankhead, Sudi Hipsley, Jose and Sara Donayre, Betsy and Bill McCrory, Lisa Robinette, Patty Gonzalez, Vicky Chirnside, Rick Ryals and Carlos Martinez, Carolyn and Ron Schoenau, and Ron Cave (UF)


January Minutes reviewed with the below listed correction to the Minutes. The date listed for the 2011 Florida East Coast Extravaganza will be November 4th , 5th, and 6th. 2011. No other corrections noted.

Motion Carolyn Schoenau second David A. Johnson

Treasurer Report: Sudi Hipsley Treasurer

Audit report filed by Carolyn Schoenau stated small accounting irregularity in Weevil Fund, but total of all accounts correct. Report filed for audit with no corrections.

Webmaster Report Submitted by Michael Andreas

Bob Reilly of the Bromeliad Society of Queensland has sent a large number of book reviews that have been published in the Bromeliad Society of Queensland’s publication --- Bromeliaceae. The following have been posted and there are many more that will be posted as time permits.

Bromeliads and The Colorful Bromeliads Their Infinite Variety by Victoria Padilla

Tillandsia The Worlds Most Unusual Air Plants by Paul T. Isley III

Tillandsia II The Worlds Most Unusual Air Plants by Paul T. Isley III

Bromeliads: For Home Garden and Greenhouse by Werner Rauh

Blooming Bromeliads by Ulrich and Ursula Baensch

The Biology of the Bromeliads by David H. Benzing

Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden by Andrew Steens

Canistrum- Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest by Elton Leme

Canistropsis – Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest by Elton Leme

Nidularium – Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest by Elton Leme

Also posted are photos of new Neoregelia hybrids by Lisa Vanzant and newsletters for Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society, Calosahatchee Bromeliad Society and Bromeliad Guild of Tampa Bay.

Newsletter Report submitted by Karen Andreas

Society news reports are needed for the next issue of the newsletter so please send the information about your societies and your society’s speakers to me by April 15th. For the last issue of the newsletter, only three societies sent reports.

Each year, in the May issue is a listing of bromeliad vendors in Florida; the criteria is that the nursery must be a stats inspected nursery. Please let your members know through your newsletters and at your meetings that if they have (state inspected) nurseries we would like to include them in our publication. Name, address, phone number, email address, hours of operation, if appointment is needed and a brief description of their nursery will be welcome.

While I realize that the Extravaganza is late this year, May has always been the issue in which the sales rules have been published. The August issue has the roster which usually runs about 50+ pages, so there is not enough room to publish the rules then. The November issue probably will be too close to the event; as a courtesy these rules should probably be published well in advance. I can send the sales rules as used last year (They have not changed from previous Extravaganzas) to Jay for his review so he does not have to reinvent the wheel. The show rules for the Cryptanthus Society should also be published in the upcoming issue.

Also, I do have a copy of the Extravaganza Auction Rules, which I can email to anyone who needs them. Obviously there will need to be some modifications to include the accounting procedures since the auctions for the two organizations are being combined. I do not believe any revisions to the standard Auction Rules document is needed for that. A reminder: Betsy may have the carbonless forms that were used at the last Extravaganza; if there are not a sufficient number, they will have to be reordered.

The post office is changing its policy on the bulk mail permit. The standard box with the number no longer will be used; a bar code will be used instead. This change will take effect for the may newsletter, Betsy is looking into that.

Recently, we have run into some problems with addresses and contact information. Most societies have been sending these changes throughout the year. However, we have not received any roster information from Broward and Gainesville since 2009. Michael can send the rosters we have for the any society for that society’s perusal. Contact Michael or me.

In other business, I respectfully ask the Council to reconsider two issues in the minutes of the October 2010 meeting and to make changes to more accurately reflect the discussion at that meeting.

On page 2 of the minutes: The Extravaganza schedule has been changed. The next event will be November 4 and 5, 2011, at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. The room rate is $99.00. This is a four star beach facility of 323 large guest rooms. The Cryptanthus Society frequently has met with the Florida Council during the Extravaganza, so upon a motion by Karen Andreas and an appropriate second the members voted unanimously to invite the Cryptanthus Society to join us at The Plaza Resort and Spa Extravaganza.

The Cryptanthus Society has not historically met during the Extravaganza. Instead, Jay made the request to include the Cryptanthus Society Show and Sale in conjunction with the Council event. Please amend the minutes to reflect the change.

Also on page 2: The judges school will meet again on October 23rd. members have a concern about the number of judges available for *their shows*. Scheduling coordination can help this by sending meeting dates to the newsletter early in the year.

As I recall the discussion, for a variety of practical reasons, members have not coordination cannot be achieved by sending the dates to the newsletter editor for a quarterly publication nor to the webmaster since by then dates are set in stone.

I would appreciate the minutes being amended so not to appear to be placing an ineffective solution on Michael and me. I suggest that the minutes can be amended to state "No solution has been presented or accepted at this time".

Weevil Report by Ron Cave (UF)

In January the fly colony suffered as serious setback of undetermined origin. Reasons and solutions for the setback are opening new areas of investigation. Female flies do not appear to be reproducing on the weevil colony. Either the female flies are the problem, or the weevils have developed an immunity to the flies. A new colony of flies will be harvested from Honduras, and a new predator will be identified if possible. Additionally funding is caught in the earmark battle in congress. Some funding has been acquired from Dr. Frank giving the rest of his grant to the current project. A subtropical research facility has taken an interest in the immunity possibility and is helping explore the Chemical Ecology issue.

BSI Report Jay Thurrott, BSI President

BSI meeting on May 21 West Palm Beach at Mounts Botanical Gardens.

David A. Johnson reports that Selby Gardens will rent the BSI a mail desk and chair in their library to receive and answer mail, and be used as a home office. David reports that this has been approved by the BSI board.

Jay reports that Europe has a clone preservation project ongoing.

Judges Report Vicky Chirnside

There will be a judges school on June 25th no location has been decided. A new judges handbook will be published.


Permanent Sales Numbers by Kenneth Stokes

Tabled until next meeting to get input from Societies

Florida Extravaganza Report by Jay Thurrott

Dates November 4, 5, and 6. Brochure presented $99.00 room rate, $60.00 per person to attend welcome reception, events, and banquet with auction, free parking. An auctioneer in needed. Plants are needed for the auction. Mailing will be done this summer.

Extravaganza report for 2013 by Janet Bankhead

Three sites have been examined, selection will depend on rates, and available space with parking.

2012 World Conference by Betsy McCrory

Contract for the event will be signed in about a week pending final approval. Tables for the show will be provided by the hotel at no charge (to be obtained in writing). Pricing for catering needs to be finalized. Responsibilities for each society was discussed, no final list was distributed. Table arrangements by Bud Martin (tentative). Naming of conference was done by narrowing the selection to five entries. The five entries were voted on at the meeting with the votes tabulated by Carolyn Schoenau. The winner was Orlandiana 2012 submitted by Dean Fairchild.


Loss of Society by Vickey Chirnside

Concern that loss of a society will impact the Council in a negative way. What can be done to help this society to regain their footing? Discussion followed that identified the issue as a by-law issue. All societies must adhere to the by-laws or they cannot be a member.

New forming societies were polled, and they have refrained from joining the council at this time.

Society reps presented their society news. Reps were reminded to send their society news to Karen.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM

Motion Betsy McCrory second Lisa Robinette

Submitted by,

John Bankhead