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Record 901 of 4633
Record #:  908
Taxon #:  2-20
Name:  Encholirium pernambucanum
Named by:  L.B.Smith & R.W.Read
Collection Country:  Brazil
Type Country:  Brazil
Type State:  Pernambuco
References:  Bradea 5: 302, 309. 1990
Remarks:  Treated as a synonym of E. spectabile by Forzza 2001 but not in Binomial listing 2004 but accepted in Binomial listing 2006
Treated as species in own right by Siquero Filho & Leme in Frag Atl Forest NE Brazil 314-317. 2006
Creation Date:  01-Apr-2002
Modification Date:  14-Nov-2009

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