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Record 84 of 4633
Record #:  86
Taxon #:  40-25.3
Name:  Aechmea curranii
Named by:  (L.B.Smith) L.B.Smith & M.A.Spencer
Collection Country:  Brazil
Type Country:  Brazil
Type State:  Bahia
Type Town/Area:  Rio Grungogi
References:  Phytologia 72: 96-8. 1992
Remarks:  Faria & Wendt in J. Brom. Soc. 54(6): 279 -284. 2004 discussed the similarity of this species with A. turbinocalyx but did not treat it as a synonym. Treated as synonym in Binomial listing 2006!No reason given
Photos:  fcbs.org
Creation Date:  01-Apr-2002
Modification Date:  22-Dec-2006

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