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Record 74 of 4632
Record #:  76
Taxon #:  40-104.1
Name:  Aechmea comata
Named by:  (Gaudichaud) Baker
Collection Country:  Brazil
Type Town/Area:  South Brazil
References:  Journ. Bot. London17:234. 1879: Luther, DeRebus I, 1994, p62.
Remarks:  We do not know who decided on this change from lindenii to comata. However, when Gaudichaud described a new genus Pothuava in 1852 he also described more than one species which makes the genus name illegitimate! Smith based his decision on this fact. BUT the species name is not invalidated, hence comata predates lindenii and takes precedence!
Photos:  fcbs.org
Creation Date:  01-Apr-2002
Modification Date:  28-Sep-2005

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