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Record 54 of 4632
Record #:  54
Name:  Aechmea capitata
Named by:  (Schultes filius) Baker
New Name =   Hohenbergia capitata
Collection Country:  Brazil
Type Country:  Brazil
Type State:  Bahia
Type Town/Area:  Almada
References:  Jour. Bot. London 17: 167. 1879
Remarks:  TREATED AS A SYNONYM OF A. AQUILEGA by Luther & Read in Selbyana 12: 54-67. 1991 but treated as species in own right by Filho & Leme in Frag. Atl. NE Brazil. 193-7. 2007
New Name Reference:  Leme in J Brom Soc 60(4): 151-157. 2010
Creation Date:  01-Apr-2002
Modification Date:  19-Feb-2011

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