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Record 29 of 4632
Record #:  29
Taxon #:  40-23.4
Name:  Aechmea beeriana
Named by:  L.B.Smith & M.A.Spencer
New Name =   Aechmea vallerandii
Collection Country:  Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Panama, Peru, Suriname
Type Country:  Brazil
Type State:  Amazonas
Type Town/Area:  Ega
References:  Phytologia 72: 96-8. 1992
Remarks:  was Streptocalyx poeppigii
New Name Reference:  Erhardt, Gotz & Seybold in Der GroBe Zander [2]: 1825. 2008
New Name Remarks:  See also J Brom Soc. 59(3): 114-5. 2009
Photos:  fcbs.org
Creation Date:  01-Apr-2002
Modification Date:  24-Dec-2011

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