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Record 1596 of 4634
Record #:  1606
Taxon #:  26-35
Name:  Neoregelia punctatissima
Named by:  (Ruschi) Ruschi
Collection Country:  Brazil
Type Country:  Brazil
Type State:  Espirito Santo
Type Town/Area:  near Santa Teresa
References:  Bol. Mus. Biol. Bot.15: 2. 1954
Remarks:  Ever since a photograph by W. Moir was published in J. Brom. Soc. 24(6): 197. 1974 this plant has been mis-identified. Now called 'Punctate' in the Cultivar Register. There was also a punctatissima var. rubra which is called 'Punctate Red' but in all probability is identical to 'Purpurea'
Photos:  fcbs.org
Creation Date:  01-Apr-2002
Modification Date:  29-Aug-2005

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