Carol Johnson 1918-1998

By Thomas U. Lineham, Jr.

We deeply regret the fact that Carol Johnson is no longer with us. Bromeliad fanciers from many parts of the world have known her, read her articles in the Bromeliad Journal, visited her nursery "Pineapple Place," and been privileged to work with her in the interests of promoting bromeliad culture, growing the plants as a hobby, and raising funds to combat insect pests.

As a bromeliad collector and grower, Carol, with her son Geoff, concentrated on growing bromeliad species in contrast with the more limited range of specialized nurseries. Carol knew the location of every plant in her collection. It was almost impossible to make a short visit because she would dash from bench to bench pointing out recent acquisitions, those reaching maturity, and others bearing seeds. Her Pineapple Place will remain until it is, inevitably, swallowed by real estate-hungry developers.

Carol's energy and enthusiasm extended beyond her nursery. She was an early president of the Bromeliad Society of Central Florida and an organizer and officer of the Seminole Bromeliad Society. Her great interest in getting Florida bromeliad societies to work toward a common goal was satisfied in part when she and a few others created the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies. With the sponsorship of that group, the 1980 World Bromeliad Conference, with Carol as chairman, was held in Orlando. After the conference, she continued to promote statewide interest in bromeliads as editor of the Florida Council Newsletter. She compiled material, including the annual membership roster, served as the main contributor, edited, printed and mailed that quarterly from 1981 through September 1998.

In addition to those activities, Carol served for many years as a director and committee chairman of the Bromeliad Society International.

Carol Johnson's courage and determination were traits well known to her family and friends. We shall cherish her memory.

This article originally appeared in the Journal of the Bromeliad Society, volume 49, number 1, January-February 1999.