A Tribute to Wally Berg

By: Tom Wolfe, President, Bromeliad Society International

In the passing of Wally Berg the Bromeliad Society International as well as the bromeliad world in general has lost a good friend, an avid collector, an ambassador, a humanitarian and an explorer. But I believe we will miss Wally the most because he was just an all around nice guy. He and his wife, Dorothy, had a great gift of hospitality, sharing their bromeliad collection and garden with people from all over the world. They provided temporary room and board to bromeliad folks from far and near whenever they were passing through Sarasota, Florida.

Wally is known by many for his excellent programs on collecting bromeliads in Central and South America and his expertise on the species. Also, he volunteered many hours working at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens where he gave workshops, assisted Harry Luther in the greenhouses or wherever he was needed, and was an intricate part of the Sarasota Bromeliad Society.

Wally was also very highly respected by his church family as well as in his neighborhood. He was one of a kind and left a great legacy for all his family and friends.

The BSI has awarded him with the horticulture Award of Excellence and has created "The Wally Berg Award of Excellence" to be presented at future World Bromeliad Conferences to a worthy recipient.