Thread like Opposite Oppositely Attached directly by the base, not stalked. Flower rests directly on the stem Bent or curved downward or backward Flower spikes so close together they appear to be like a head. Forming a rounded head Arranged around an axis; not opposite as in distichous Spreading like fingers in a hand and therefore there is no conspicuous main central spike. The main axis would be very short. Surfaced with small scurfy scales (trichomes) Smooth, glossy, i.e. without hairs or scales Closely and flatly pressed against Spindle shaped Frosty; covered with fine scales, hairs, dust, bloom, or the like, so as to give the appearance of frost. Sword-shaped Twisted to one side. Bent, as a knee. Terminating abruptly in a little point which is not particularly stiff.


Compiled by Derek Butcher



A1 STAMENS & STYLE Shorter or equalling petals. (see Fig. 3) 82
    Longer than petals. (see Fig. 3) 2
A2 INFLORESCENCE Compound (see Fig. 2) 29
    Simple (see Fig. 1) 3
A3 FLOWER Distichously on rhachis. 10
    Spirally on rhachis or inflorescence only 2-5 flowered. 4
A4 SEPAL ca 3.4 cm long 4A
    Up to 2.8 cm long 5
A4A SEPAL 3.4 cm long densely lepidote. macdougallii
    3.3 cm long, glabrous. Leaf blade to 14 cm long, Pruinose. Sheath light brown. velickiana
A5 LEAF SHEATH Brown to dark brownish black contrasting with blades, making a loose bulbose rosette oaxacana
    otherwise 6
A6 LEAF Thin grasslike. Flower stem to 45 cm. Inflorescence long and narrow. (Inflorescence usually compound with distichous spikes) setiformis
    Not thin grasslike 6A
A6A FLOWER STEM Very short or missing. 2-5 flowered 7
    3-7 cm long 8
A7 FLOWER STEM Short. Leaf robust, awllike ca. 6cm long. scaposa
    Missing 7A
A7A LEAF thin, filiform 10-15 cm long magnusiana
    robust, narrow-triangular, 5 - 7 cm long, 1 cm wide. Inner leaves showing a pinkish tinge at anthesis kammii
    robust, awllike ca 6 cm long, 5 mm wide inner leaves turning red at anthesis. ionantha
A8 FLORAL BRACT Naked, Light red. Inflorescence hanging andrieuxii
    Dense grey scales 9
A9 PLANT With short stem. Flower stem 6 - 7cm long. Leaf blade 2 cm wide at base, 10cm long. Floral bract and sepal glabrous. hondurensis
    With long stem to 80 cm long. Flower stem to 12 cm long. Leaf blade 1.5 cm wide, 15cm long. Floral bract and sepal lepidote harrisii
A10 FLOWER Spaced out on rhachis or rhachis clearly visible. 11
    Closely arranged on rhachis. Inflorescence often sword shaped. 12
A11 LEAF Thin, filiform evenly spaced 3 -7 cm long with the sheaths forming a globose bulb. Flowers very lax. fuchsii
    Not filiform 11A
A11A LEAF Blade to 10cm long, awllike, upright with the sheath forming an oblong bulb. Inflorescence almost sword shaped. ariza-juliae
    Not forming a bulb. 11B
A11B INFLORESCENCE 1 cm wide to 9 cm long, Leaf blade to 16 cm long, narrow triangular (10 mm wide)Inflorescence laxly 5 - 7 flowered pueblensis
    3 - 5 cm wide, 5 cm - 30 cm long, Leaf blade 15 mm wide, inflorescence 9 - 25 flowered. Petals appendaged Vriesea barclayana
A12 PLANT Not bulbose 16
    Bulb forming at base or slender flask forming. 13
A13 PLANT Thick with grey rough spreading scales giving a frosted look. 15
    With appressed scales. 14
A14 LEAFBLADE Not grooved 14A
    Strongly grooved, narrow triangular tapering to a point, upright, tip often bent one way. circinnatoides
A14A FLORAL BRACT Green, leaf sheaths 2.6 cm wide. Leaf blades narrow triangular grey green but reddish especially top third. turquinensis
    pale rose, lepidote leaves grey green baileyi
A15 LEAF Almost disk shaped sheath, abruptly becoming awllike, then contorted filiform towards the tip, 2-4 mm diameter. Floral bract keeled at the tip. Inflorescence 3 - 4 cm wide. pruinosa
    Sheath spoon shaped merging into short blade with longitudinal nerves like circinnatoides. Spike to 14 cm long, 6 - 8mm wide, bracts pink and lepidote. weberi
    Sheath spoon shaped merging into blade which is to 10cm long, scape very short, inflorescence 4 - 5cm long, 2.5 - 3cm wide, bracts bright red delicata
    Broadly ovate sheath gradually becoming narrow triangular,erect to spreading. Floral bract not keeled. Inflorescence 3-8cm long. klausii
A16 PLANT Long stems werdermannii
    Sessile, occasionally with short stem 17
A17 PLANT Not with thin grass like leaves 19
    With thin grasslike leaves 18
A18 LEAF SHEATH Thin triangular (8 - 15 mm wide) 18A
    Broad,oval (ca 30mm wide),Leathery brown. Leaf blade 6 mm wide, with thin lines. ortgiesiana
A18A PETAL Forming a tube, only tip rolled outwards. Leaves in 5 rows (rarely 4). Looking downwards from top seems star shaped. pentasticha
A19 FLOWER Reddish lilac, leaf short, stiff, hard, pungent concolor
    Not reddish lilac 20
A20 INFLORESCENCE Hanging schatzlii
    Upright 21
A21 LEAF Thin, triangular, spreading wide to recurved; long 23
    Thin, triangular,often secund, dense coarse pruinose. Petals dark violet often with white at extreme tip mitlaensis
    Broad, triangular, erect,stiff 22
A22 INFLORESCENCE Sword shaped to 50 cm long. Floral bract pale carmine red, scales white. Flower dark blue violet califani
    Not over 15 cm long. Floral bract green or pink. circinnatoides
A23 PETAL 4 - 7 cm long 24
    to 3.5cm long, Sepal 1.5cm long, floral bracts inflated, light red rhomboidea
A24 FLORAL BRACT naked 25
    Dense grey scales 27
    Sparsely lepidote, rose purple, median nerve prominent, twice as long as sepals. rhomboidea
    naked but for dense pale lepidote at tip and top edge, sepal 2cm long tricolor
A25 SPIKE 7.5 cm wide jalisco-monticola
    4 cm wide 26
    to 2.5 cm wide tricolor
A26 FLORAL BRACT Beaked, complanate, prominently nerved or ridged. From mainland fasciculata var. venosispica
    Yellow or rusty orange, beaked, inflated to complanate. From Caribbean Islands compressa
A27 SEPAL free chiapensis
    fused for 6 mm
(Renate Ehlers - inflorescence can be simple or up to 9)
A28   NOT USED  
A29 PLANT Not with grasslike leaves 32
    with thin grasslike leaves 30
A30 LEAF green. Flower spike bent, spreading festucoides
    grey or brown scaled 30A
A30A LEAF grey scaled 31
    brown scaled. Leaves in 5 rows (rarely 4) looking down from top seems star shaped pentasticha
A31 INFLORESCENCE Capitate, spike short and closely digitate juncea
    Not capitate 31A
A31A INFLORESCENCE To 12 cm long. Scape bract grey green. Floral bract hides sepal. 31B
    To 20 cm long. Scape bract carmine red at base. Floral bract shorter than sepal hammeri
A31B INFLORESCENCE Spikes turned edgewise to axis setacea
    Spikes with flat side to axis 31C
A31C FLORAL BRACT To 4cm long. Petals to 6cm long
Primary bracts as long as lower spike
Note: this plant has been distributed in Germany and probably elsewhere as T. chaetophylla by Lau
    To 16mm long. Petals to 4.5cm long
Primary bracts usually much shorter than the lower spikes
A31D LEAF SHEATH Triangular. Leaf 20 - 40cm long, 1.5-2cm wide bartramii
    Ovate. Leaf 20-40cm long, 1.5-2cm wide simulata
A32 FLOWER STEM Long, protruding from the leaf rosette 44
    Short or missing, not protruding from the leaf rosette 32A
A32A FLOWER STEM Missing. Plant bulblike 2 - 2.5 cm wide diguetii
    Short 33
A33 INFLORESCENCE Thick,cone shaped, spike with light red primary bract. imperialis
    Not coned shaped 34
    More or less scaled 35
A35 BASE of PLANT Bulb like 35A
    Not Bulb like 36
A35A BULB To 8 cm wide, 10 cm high. Inflorescence capitate. Spike 3 cm long, 1.8 cm wide. Sepals free. ehlersiana
    Slender, 3 - 4 cm broad 35B
A35B FLORAL BRACT Much exceeding the sepals, spike to 7 cm long to 4cm wide. Tight bulb pruinosa
    Shorter than sepals, spike to 4 cm long to 3 cm wide. Loose bulb praschekii
A36 SPIKE 2 - 4 flowers 37
    5 or more flowers 38
A37 LEAF Blades grey scaled. Inflorescence upright. capitata
    Blades green with inconspicuous scales. Spike 2 flowered. Floral bracts and sepals lepidote. abdita
A38 SPIKE 5 - 6 flowered 38A
    5 - 10 flowered in a fusiform inflorescence 20 - 40 cm long, floral bracts distinctly nerved and lepidote at tip and margins. aguascalientensis
    8 or more flowered, sword shaped 38B
A38A SPIKE Roundish, lax vernardoi
    Flat. Inflorescence narrow spindle shaped. Petals appendaged Vriesea tillandsioides
A38B SPIKE More or less straight to erect 38C
    Bent with side spikes at right angles. Each spike resembles T. califani copanensis
A38C LEAF Green grey. 38D
    Grey scaled 39
A38D FLORAL BRACT Densely lepidote, keeled. Sepals lepidote. Lower branches of inflorescence much divided.
(Renate Ehlers - Inflorescence often bipinnate)
    Sparsely lepidote, keeled. Sepals naked sueae
A39 INFLORESCENCE To 2 compound spikes. Petals dark violet, white tips, 4 cm long.
(Renate Ehlers - Inflorescence can be simple or up to 9)
    To 5 - 6 compound spikes. Petals blue, 6cm long carlsoniae
A40 SPIKE 1 - 2 flowered masked by the primary bract. 40A
    3 or more flowered 41
A40A INFLORESCENCE Densely capitate, primary bracts cherry-red brachycaulos
    Densely capitate, primary bracts carmine-red. Leaves velvety to touch velutina
    Laxly compound, 16 cm long
IF YOU EVER GET THIS FAR contact us because we doubt the existence of this species!!
A41 SPIKE Very thin to 1.4 cm wide 42
    Over 1.5 cm wide/ 8 - 20 cm long 43
A42 SPIKE 15 - 35 cm long 42A
    3 - 10 cm long 42B
A42A INFLORESCENCE Upright, fan forming flabellata
    Hanging, double compound to 1.5m long. juerg-rutschmannii
A42B SPIKE 3 - 5 cm long 42C
    9 - 10 cm long flagellata
A42C PRIMARY BRACT For lower spikes, hides the spike, red. foliosa
    For lower spikes,shorter than the spike, pink.
(Harry Luther - Bract colour red and maybe brighter than foliosa)
A43 SPIKE To 20 cm long, 7.5 cm wide jalisco-monticola
    To 13 cm long, 2 - 3cm wide 43A
A43A SEPAL 2.5 - 3.5 cm long concolor
    1.5 cm long rhomboidea
A44 FLORAL BRACT Arranged close together, therefore rhachis not visible. 44A
    Arranged close together but rhachis barely visible. 44B
    Arranged laxly therefore Rhachis is visible. 45
A44A SPIKE Sword shaped, more than 4 flowered 51
    Sword-shaped, 1 to 4 flowered 44C
    Almost tubular at flowering. Primary and floral bracts rose, dense grey lepidote subteres
A44B SPIKE to 2 cm wide 44D
    3.5 to 4.5 cm wide mooreana
A44C PETALS Dark blue-violet, floral bract equalling sepal capitata
    Light blue-violet with white tip, floral bract exceeding sepal, scape to 35cm long with scape bracts to 30cm long rhodocephala
A44D INFLORESCENCE Upright, the top portion bent down. Petal violet blue, thin white border. Stamens exceed flower tube. Vriesea olmosana var olmosana
    Upright, petals greenish-yellow with violet edges. Stigma protruding from flower tube but not stamens Vriesea olmosana var. pachamamae
A45 FLORAL BRACT Longer or equalling the sepals 50
    Shorter than the sepals 46
A46 FLOWER Arranged spirally around the rhachis spiraliflora
    Arranged distichously. Petals appendaged Vriesea hitchcockiana
    Arranged distichously around the rhachis, but sometimes twisted one way. Petals not appendaged. 47
A47 FLORAL BRACT Green makoyana
    Rose or carmine red 47A
A47A RHACHIS Strongly angled in zigzag form. Floral bract rose. Leaves thick and rigid. dasyliriifolia
    Nearly straight 48
A48 FLOWER Arranged distichously. Floral bracts at base green, edges and tip carmine red. extensa
    Secund 49
A49 SEPAL 4 - 5 cm long. Floral bracts 3.5 cm long. secunda
    2 - 2.5 cm long. Floral bracts 1 - 1.5 cm long. mima
A50 INFLORESCENCE Numerous young plants in the inflorescence. Floral bracts as long as sepal, tipped violet. propagulifera
    No young plants in the inflorescence. Floral bract longer than the sepals. 50A
A50A PETAL Dark purple, not appendaged. socialis
    Dark purple, appendagd Vriesea rauhii
    Violet to blue violet 50B
A50B LEAF Purple/black leucolepis
    grey with white cross banding hildae
A51 LEAF Making an open funnel shaped rosette. Base not bulbose. 59
    Its base making a hollow, oval or cylindric to spindle shape bulb. 52
A52 LEAF BLADE Turning into spirals streptophylla
    Not turning into spirals 53
A53 LEAF BLADE Not round awllike nor tubular. Leaf edge forming a groove; Leaf tip forming a corkscrew balbisiana
    Narrow triangular, sheaths forming an oval bulb but blades spreading wide. smalliana
    Round awllike. Edges turning in 54
A54 LEAF Thick, spreading with rough scales. seleriana
    Thick adpressed scales but not spreading or with rough scales 55
A55 BULB Green - brown blotched butzii
    Plain not blotched 56
A56 LEAF SHEATH & LEAF BLADE With long stripes on the side pseudobaileyi
    Smooth not striped 57
A57 FLORAL BRACT Naked caput-medusae
    Scaled 58
A58 BULB Long, cylindric 58A
    Short, oval bulbosa
A58A FLOWER STEM Very long, with viviparous offsets intermedia
    Short paucifolia
A59 PRIMARY BRACT Shorter than the spike 68
    Longer than the spike, especially the lower ones 60
A60 INFLORESCENCE Upright or bent upward, not hanging 63
    hanging 61
A61 PRIMARY BRACT With short sharply bent back leaf like tip. Inflorescence long. 20-30 compound spikes. eizii
    With long slightly bent leaf like tip. Inflorescence short. 8-12 compound spikes 62
A62 INFLORESCENCE Laxly compound violacea
    Thick almost capitate compound sierra-juarezensis
A63 FLOWER SPIKE Erect, almost masked by adjacent red primary bract. Petals violet cauliflora
    Erect, almost masked by adjacent pale pink primary bract. Petals appearing purple-rose but really cream with dense violet-rose speckles, appendaged Vriesea sagasteguii
    Partly erect but spikes visible especially in top section, floral bracts green with red edges belloensis
    Spreading, visible 64
A64 FLORAL BRACT 7 cm long, bright red, frosted yunckeri
    To 5 cm long 65
A65 SEPAL Free 67
    More or less fused at back 66
A66 FLORAL BRACT 2 cm long, pink toned, Inflorescence ca erect variabilis
    4 - 4.5 cm long, green or reddish yellow, Inflorescence ca erect xerographica
    3.5 - 6 cm long, rose on outside, green inside. Inflorescence bent wuelfinghoffii
A67 SPIKE 8 mm broad, lancelike, roundish, bent orogenes
    2cm broad, flat standleyi
    Arranged laxly 69
A68A INFLORESCENCE Cylindric to narrow spindle shaped to 30 cm polystachia
    Globose to sub globose 68B
A68B INFLORESCENCE Globose. Spikes short 4 - 6 cm long and almost as wide. Ovate rotundata
    Sub globose to 40 cm high. Spikes 15 cm by 4cm wide. ponderosa
A69 FLORAL BRACT Naked or the tip scarcely scaled, or, frosty waxed, but never densely scaled. 72
    Densely scaled 70
    Naked but for dense pale lepidote at tip and top edge, sepal 2cm long tricolor
A70 FLORAL BRACT Longer than sepals 71
    Shorter than sepals, leaf blade strongly bent back exserta
A71 SPIKE Upright, sepals totally free. parvispica
    Spreading. Sepals joined for 6mm. vicentina
A72 FLORAL BRACT Not waxy coated 74
    Waxy coated 73
A73 SPIKE 30 - 70 cm long, 4 cm wide. Petals dark blue. rauhii
    10 - 20 cm long, 3 cm wide. Petals dark violet to almost black. Floral bract with violet tip. ferreyrae
A74 INFLORESCENCE To 15 - 25 compound spikes xerographica
    Up to 12 compound spikes 75
A75 SEPAL Not keeled ecarinata
    Keeled 76
A76 PETAL Up to 5 cm long 78
    6 - 7 cm long 76A
A76A INFLORESCENCE Pendant, laxly bipinnate pamelae
    Erect 77
A77 SPIKE 4cm wide, petals violet/blue fasciculata
    2.5cm wide, petals violet/blue tricolor
    2-3cm wide, petels reddish/lilac concolor
A78 INFLORESCENCE Numerous, more than 4 compound spikes 80
    2 -4 compound spikes 79
A79 FLORAL BRACT Inflated. Spike almost roundish, uniformly red rhomboidea
    Not inflated; spike almost flat. Floral bract and the base of the inflorescence red, the middle or above straw coloured to green. tricolor
A80 RHACHIS Visible durangensis
    Not visible 80A
A80A LEAF Blade 1.5 - 3.5 cm at base to 50 cm long, grey scaled. 81
    Blade 5 cm wide at base to 70 cm long, green-grey. Spikes spreading, 10 - 12 flowered. Floral bract pink langlasseana
syn. intumescens
A81 SEPAL Shorter than or equalling the floral bract. Inflorescence to 40 cm long. 81A
    Longer than the floral bract. Inflorescence to 11 cm long. polita
A81A FLORAL BRACT Straight or with slightly curved apex. Primary bract especially for lower spikes has long blade. dugesii
    Forming a hood over the flower. Primary bracts with short or no blade. rodrigueziana
A82 INFLORESCENCE Compound 121
    Simple 83
A83 PLANT Looks like Club Moss pedicellata
    Does not look like Club Moss 84
A84 FLOWER Distichous or the inflorescence has 1 or 2 flowers. 92
    Spirally arranged 85
A85 FLOWER STALK Missing. Inflorescence short, cone shaped, sunk in the rosette. kammii
    Visible 86
A86 PETAL Rippled, twisted, sometimes blue with whitish mid stripe. bergeri
    Smooth, not rippled or twisted 87
A87 PLANT Stemless or very short 87A
    With stem 88
A87A FLORAL BRACT 6mm wide, posterior sepals joined for 6 mm. Leaf straight, almost upright. walter-richteri
    much exceeding 6mm wide. 87B
A87B LEAF Many in a rosette, somtimes secund. Blades narrowly triangular. stricta
    Succulent, strongly secund carminea
A88 PLANT With upright inflorescence 89
    With bent hanging inflorescence 91
A89 LEAF 5 - 15 cm long, 0.2 - 1.3 cm wide 90
    20 cm long, 2 - 2.5 cm wide leonamiana
A90 LEAF Arranged in a whorl, but robust, bent one way neglecta
    Not bent one way aeranthos
A91 LEAF Blades slender, 20 times as long as wide 91A
    Blades wider, 10 times as long as wide. Flower deep dark blue or grey blue. aeranthos
A91A SEPAL Posterior ones joined. Flower light blue to lilac. tenuifolia
    Free. Flower blue montana
A92 FLOWER Arranged densely distichous on rhachis, which is not visible. Inflorescence sword shaped. 102
    Arranged laxly on rhachis which is visible or the inflorescence is 1 or 2 flowered. 93
A93 PLANT With long leaves (over 5 cm long). When shorter, leaves are distichous 96
    With short leaves (up to 5 cm long ), stiff, hard almost succulent, triangular arranged in a whorl, leaves upright. 94
A94 INFLORESCENCE 3 - 8 flowering peiranoi
    1 - 2 flowering 95
A95 PETAL BLADE Large 1.2 cm wide kirschnekii
    Scarcely spreading, small, 2 - 3mm wide aizoides
A96 LEAF Thin triangular; flower densely or almost densely arranged on rhachis. 96A
    Thin awllike to filiform or grasslike. 97
A96A LEAF To 50 cm long 96B
    To 17 cm long 96C
A96B PETAL 8 cm long, blade large, spreading, bright blue. pretiosa
    4.2 cm long, thin, tongue shaped mazatlanensis
A96C LEAF To 17 cm long. 96D
    To 8.5 cm long. Spike narrow, few flowered (to 5). Rhachis not visible. zecheri v. cafayatensis
A96D OFFSET on long stolons, petals with appendage Vriesea espinosae
    virtually no stolon, spike wide (to 14 mm), 5 - 10 flowered, rhachis just visible zecheri
A97 FLOWER Spread out on rhachis. Inflorescence 4 - 8, flowering light blue. Petal blade to 7mm wide. Leaves spirally arranged. caerulea
    Close to each other on rhachis 98
A98 INFLORESCENCE 4 or more flowering 98A
    1 - 3 flowering 99
A98A FLORAL BRACT dense lepidote. Leaves to 4 mm wide marconae
    Soon naked. Leaves 4 - 6 mm wide paleacea
A99 PETAL Small, dull, thin triangular. Blue, petal blade 2mm long, 1 mm wide 99A
    large, striking, with wide petal blade. 100
A99A FLOWER STEM Short at flowering, without bracts. Can extend to 8cm long after flowering. Leaves 1-4 cm long 99B
    To 13cm long, with 1 or 2 bracts.Leaves 3-17cm long recurvata
A99B FLORAL BRACT Almost round. Sepals stocky with strongly developed nerves. Petals lancelike. capillaris
    Broad, triangular. Sepals slender with weakly developed nerves. Petals tongue shaped. virescens
A100 PLANT Stemless, leaves erect, thin, grasslike, to 38 cm long. Petal blade 10 - 14 mm wide linearis
    More or less with a stem; leaves awllike, filiform, spreading out 101
A101 PETAL BLADE 11 mm long, 7 - 9 mm wide. Leaves laxly arranged distichously, to 12 cm long, stem longer. mallemontii
    6 mm long, 5 mm wide. Leaves arranged densely distichous to 10 cm long. Stem short. bandensis
A102 INFLORESCENCE Seems to come from the middle of the leaf rosette 104
    Seems to come from the leaf axils at the side of the leaf rosette. 103
A103 INFLORESCENCE Upright, a shining red short swordshaped. Leaves not exceeding the flower stem. multicaulis
    Ascending to hanging, the thin red or green sword is longer. Flower stem thin. complanata
A104 PLANT With dense grey scales on leaves 108
    Green, not grey scaled, but often reddish brown stripes or blotched leaves. 105
A105 PLANT With hanging inflorescence, leaves tongue shaped, green with red brown flecks. brenneri
    With upright inflorescence 106
A106 PETAL Thin lance-like to elliptic, towards the tip, blue. Sword green or dark red. anceps
    With 2.5 cm wide striking petal blade. 107
A107 FLOWER STEM Very short,bracts rose/red, not nerved. Flower with dark blue throat. From Ecuador
(According to Gilmartin, 'Bromeliaceae of Ecuador', flower stem 7 to 23 cm and flowers sometimes with white throat)
    Long. Flower dark blue, throat white. 107A
A107A INFLORESCENCE To 20 cm long. 20 flowered. Floral bracts green to rose, prominently nerved. From Peru lindenii
    To 7 cm long. 4 - 6 flowered. Floral bracts green prominently nerved. From Ecuador umbellata
A108 FLORAL BRACT Light red, dark red or purple 117
    green, reddish brown or brownish green. 109
A109 LEAF Thin grasslike; Inflorescence not exceeding the leaves, petal platte (blade) orbicular, opening flat linearis
    petal platte (blade) apiculate, slightly spreading chaetophylla
    Not grasslike 110
A110 FLOWER STEM Longer than the leaves 114
    Shorter than the leaves 111
A111 INFLORESCENCE 15 cm long, 2 cm wide. Floral bract green. Flower large light violet. Petal blade 2 cm wide esseriana
    To 9 cm long. 112
A112 FLOWER STEM Bent, Inflorescence bent, 6 cm long, 1.5 cm wide cochabambae
    Upright or missing;Inflorescence uright 113
A113 PETAL BLADE Wide, rolled back 6 mm wide. Flower stem missing friesii
    Weakly spreading. 2mm wide lorentziana blue form
A114 FLORAL BRACT Shorter than the sepals streptocarpa
    Longer than sepals 115
A115 PLANT Stemless; Inflorescence weakly inflated walteri
    With stem 115A
A115A PLANT Short stem. Floral bract reddish brown. lorentziana
    Long stem 116
A116 PLANT Long stem. Leaves dense grey scaled, spreading. Floral bract green paleacea
    Long stem. Leaves grey scaled, erect. arhiza
A117 PLANT Stemless 119
    With stem 117A
A117A LEAF With grey scales, almost fur like 117B
    With grey scales, not fur like 118
A117B LEAF BLADE With dense interwoven grey hair covering to 2 cm wide. Petals violet. Floral bracts straw coloured with red or violet suffusions xiphioides v. tafiensis
    With fur like grey scales, to 4mm wide. Petals blue violet with white throat (similar to streptocarpa) graomogolensis
    With hairy scales, to 8mm wide, Upper bracts dark purple, lepidote. Floral bracts dark purple, naked. cardenasii
A118 LEAF Short triangular to lance-like. Inflorescence 2 cm wide cauligera
    Very thin, long, lancelike-awllike towards the tip. Inflorescence to 1.4 cm wide dura
A119 FLORAL BRACT Not keeled. Inflorescence 11 cm long. Flower dark violet walteri
    Keeled 120
A120 LEAF SHEATH Dark brown scales floribunda
    Same colour as blade krahnii
A121 PLANT Stemless 127
    Long or short stem 122
A122 FLORAL BRACT Yellowish green; Edge and tip carmine red. Short stem. brevicapsula
    Green, red or reddish brown 122A
A122A FLORAL BRACT Red or rose 122B
    Green or reddish brown 123
A122B PLANT Strongly secund. 122C
    Not secund 122D
A122C LEAF 4 to 5 cm long. Flower stem red. Sepals red. Petal red/violet. sucrei
    9 - 10 cm long. Flower stem green. Sepals white to pale pink. Petals violet/pink (according to Weber) gardneri v. rupicola
A122D LEAF Grey with scurfy scales reducta
    Grey green with appressed scales. 122E
A122E PLANT With long stem, flowering to 1m. high. Petal white with pinkish violet blade. chartacea
    With short stem, flowering to 50cm high. Petal red/violet. Inflorescence almost capitate. cerrateana
A123 SEPAL To 1.4 cm long, unequally joined for 1 - 2mm. Leaf tip tubular spiral or recurving. Plant with long stem. 123A
    7 - 9mm long, short connate, petals appendaged. Inflorescence sub-globose myriantha
    All free 124
A123A INFLORESCENCE To 60 cm long. Leaf tip spiral. Flower stem stout. duratii
    To 7 cm long. Leaf tip recurved. Flower stem slender reichenbachii
A124 FLORAL BRACT Shorter than sepals; leaf wide. Leaf tips almost bent into a hook. streptocarpa
    Longer than the sepals 125
A125 INFLORESCENCE Densely compound, cylindric - oval 4 - 4.5 cm long with longer stem. pampasensis
    Laxly compound, not dense. cylindric - oval. 126
A126 PETAL BLADE 2 cm wide and 2.2 cm long, light violet. esseriana
    to 5 mm. wide lorentziana
A127 PLANT With green leaves 142
    With dense grey scaled leaves 128
A128 INFLORESCENCE Capitate or dense upright, compound spike. 129
    Not capitate, laxly arranged, compound spike 133
A129 INFLORESCENCE Nestling in the rosette nidus
(now considered a hybrid)
    On a longer stem 130
A130 PRIMARY BRACT At least the lower, longer than the spike. 131
    Always shorter than the spike 132
A131 INFLORESCENCE Globose capitate sphaerocephala
    Cylindric or bipinnate 131A
A131A SPIKE 2 - 3 flowered. Inflorescence cylindric -oval pampasensis
    10-12 flowered. Inflorescence bipinnate interrupta
A132 FLORAL BRACT Pink or rose 132A
    Green to lilac, shiny floribunda
A132A FLOWER STEM 13 cm long. Floral bract pink
(? hybrid chapeuensis x stricta)
    4 cm long. Floral bract rose
(Renate Ehlers - petals pink and only difference with T. sprengeliana is texture of leaves)
A133 PLANT With thickened base, bulblike, leaf thin grasslike, filiform 133A
    Without thickened bulblike base 134
A133A PRIMARY BRACT Of the lower spikes hides spike globosa
    Of the lower spikes much less than spike filifolia
A134 LEAF Not forming a funnel rosette, thin linear, wide to reflexed streptocarpa
    Forming a funnel rosette 135
A135 FLOWER Dense to almost dense, arranged distichously on rhachis 137
    Laxly arranged on rhachis flowering on one side. 136
A136 SPIKE To 50 cm long, floral bract plump, green marnier-lapostollei
    5 - 10 cm long, floral bract pale carmine red. laminata
(was roetingii)
A137 SEPAL Not keeled, Inflorescence tripinnate, erect but spikes pendent. Petals blue-violet ecarinata
    Not keeled, Inflorescence bipinnate erect to slightly bent. Spikes slightly spreading from axis, petals blue-rose and appendaged Vriesea heterandra
    At least on the side keeled 138
A138 LEAF filiform awllike, stiff, 4mm wide at middle. Inflorescence with short stem; spike arranged almost like fingers floribunda
    Thin triangular 139
A139 INFLORESCENCE Two spikes krahnii
    More spikes 140
A140 FLOWER STALK Bent to hanging to 3 cm long. Inflorescence compound comarapaensis
    Erect 141
A141 FLOWER STALK To 25 cm long. Inflorescence 30 cm long. gymnobotrya
    To 1 metre long. Inflorescence to 2 metres long hirtzii
A142 INFLORESCENCE Slender, cylindric. Primary bract light red. Spike masked for the most part by the primary bract ionochroma
    Not cylindric 142A
A142A PRIMARY BRACT Exceeds lower spikes excelsa
    Shorter than lower spikes 143
A143 PLANT Thickened bulblike at base. Leaves thin, grasslike to filiform filifolia
    Not thickened bulblike at base 144
A144 FLOWER Blooming on one side marnier-lapostollei
    Arranged distichously 145
A145 SPIKE Laxly 2 flowered biflora
    Dense many flowered 146
A146 INFLORESCENCE To 2 compound spikes brenneri
    3 or more compound spikes 147
A147 LEAF / INFLORESCENCE Without grey waxy coating 151
    With grey waxy coating 148
A148 SEPAL Fused at the back to 7mm high. Floral bracts green and the tip carmine red to light violet, wax frosted. pomacochae
    Free at the back 149
A149 INFLORESCENCE Double compound; 60 cm long glauca
    Compound 150
A150 FLORAL BRACT Over part of the inflorescence dark blue-violet reuteri
    Green fendleri
A151 PRIMARY BRACT Shorter than the spike also the bottom one of the inflorescence 154
    Longer than the spike, at least the bottom spike of the inflorescence 152
A152 INFLORESCENCE Compound leiboldiana
    Double compound 153
A153 LEAF Tongue shaped, the back of the sepals joined for a short distance
(Renate Ehlers - inflorescence can be bipinnate)
    Thin triangular, sepals free gymnobotrya
A154 FLORAL BRACT Not keeled 159
    Keeled 155
A155 FLORAL BRACT Scaled, greenish brown. Petals with a 1.6 mm wide blade. Throat white. hamaleana
    Naked 156
A156 FLORAL BRACT Pink - lilac; Petal with 6 - 9 mm wide, deep dark blue blade wagneriana
    Other colours 157
A157 INFLORESCENCE With young plants attached 161
    Without young plants attached 157A
A157A INFLORESCENCE Hanging. Sepals joined for 1/2 length. beutelspacheri
    Erect 158
A158 SEPAL Equal height almost free deppeana
    Joined unequally (the back 5mm, front 3 mm) pyramidata
A159 SPIKE 20 - 60 cm long, 1.5 cm thick 159A
    ca 2 - 15 cm long, 0.7 - 5 cm wide. 160
A159A SPIKE Rodlike, cylindric. teres
    Flattened, complanate 20 to 40 cm long. elongata
A160 INFLORESCENCE Compound 160A
    Double compound. Flowers blue - violet. tovarensis
A160A   FLOWER Violet-pink. Spike 5 - 6 cm long, 7-8 mm wide latifolia v. divaricata
    Pale violet, spike 13 cm long, 25 mm wide subconcolor
    Dark violet, spike ca 15 cm long, 5 cm wide, rhachis geniculate' broadly winged. Sometimes the lower spike with one short lateral axis. platyrhachis
A161 FLOWER STEM 3 cm thick pyramidata v. vivapara
    6 mm thick somnians

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