Bromeliad Society International Renewal Notice
Your membership will expire on the date shown below (top line of your address label). Please note any changes necessary, complete the form, and rehrn with your payment or complete the credit card information below by the first day of the month your membership expires. Please print legibly or type. Your mailing label is made from this form.

International members should add $8 for surface mail or $18 for air mail of their Journal.

Mail this completed form with payment to:

Bromeliad Society International
PO Box 12981
Gainesville FL 32604-0981

Membership rates effective July 1, 1997
1. Member Information
Please make any corrections to your mailing label:
Address ________________________________
Postal Code_____________________________

If applicable, please let us know the following Information about your local bromeliad society: Name_______________________________________
President's Name:__________________________
Postal Code________________________________
2. Membership Type 5. Payment Method
Please check the appropriate membership type
____Individual $30 ____Dual $35
____Society $30 ____Institution $30
____Life Member $800 (one time only fee, includes third class (USA) or surface mail (international) postage charges)

Contributing (optional)
____Commercial $60 ____Fellowship $45
3. Postage
____First Class $10
____Third Class $0
____ Air $18
____ Surface $8
Postage charges are applicable to all types of membership except as noted above.

Checks or Money Orders. Make payable to The Bromeliad Society International. Personal checks drawn from a US bank in US funds are accepted. Personal checks from a foreign bank cannot be accepted. International members remit by international money order or cashier's check payable in US dollars. If payment is to come under separate mailing, please indicate and include a copy or the number and type of money order.
Charge Cards. Check one:___MasterCard ___Visa
Name as it appears on card:
Expiration Date:___________________________________
Cardholder's Signature:
4. Contributions 6. Payment
Please check the type of donation and complete the amount:
Bromeliad Identification Center $__________
Bromeliad Society General Fund $__________
Color Fund (for Journal) $__________
Thank you for your donation!
Fill in Membership Dues from 2._________
Fill in Postage Charges from 3._________
Add for ANNUAL SUBTOTAL_________
Multiply by number of years you are renewing for _________
Fill in Contributions from 4._________
Add for TOTAL_________