Bromeliad Society International Membership Application

You are invited to become a member of BSI. There are many reasons to join: 1) bimonthly journal, 2) directory of members 3) results of the most recent research in the areas of disease, pests, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators, 4) current changes in bromeliad nomenclature 5) business news (technology, marketing and industry trends), and 6) the calendar of events section with the upcoming shows that affiliate societies are staging anywhere in the world.

BSI sponsors World Bromeliad Conferences every other year. In 1996 it was in Orlando, Florida and in 1998 it will be in Houston, Texas. If you have never seen a World Bromeliad Conference, it is sensational and includes a judged show, reception, breakfast, raffles, commercial and society displays, judge's school, lectures, auctions, garden tours, and commercial and member plant sales. It is such fun to see many others who share your interest in bromeliads.

Membership Types Available:
Individual: One individual.
Dual: Two individuals at the same address to receive one copy of the Journal.
Society: Any Society.
Institution: Any organizations other than commercial, such as public and private academic and research establishments and their libraries
Fellowship: Individuals, societies, and institutions. The additional $15 is applied to the Journal color fund as a donation. A copy of the Cultural Handbook is supplied.
Commercial: Any business directly or indirectly involved in promoting bromeliads.
Life Member: No annual dues will again be paid for the lifetime of the member (not applicable to societies or institutions). Includes third class (USA) or surface (International) postage charges.
1. Member Information 3. Postage
Please make any corrections to your mailing label:
Name2 (use for Dual memberships only)
Address ________________________________
Postal Code_____________________________

____First Class $10
____Third Class $0
____ Air $18
____ Surface $8
Postage charges are applicable to all types of membership except as noted above.
2. Membership Type 4. Payment Method
Please check the appropriate membership type
____Individual $30
____Dual $35
____Society $30
____Institution $30
____Life Member $800 (one time only fee, includes third class (USA) or surface mail (international) postage charges)
Contributing (optional)
____Commercial $60
____Fellowship $45
Checks or Money Orders. Make payable to The Bromeliad Society International. Personal checks drawn from a US bank in US funds are accepted. Personal checks from a foreign bank cannot be accepted. International members remit by international money order or cashier's check payable in US dollars. If payment is to come under separate mailing, please indicate and include a copy or the number and type of money order.
Charge Cards. Check one:___MasterCard ___Visa
Name as it appears on card:
Expiration Date:___________________________________
Cardholder's Signature:
Mail your completed application with payment to 5. Payment
Mrs. Carolyn Schoenau
BSI Membership Secretary
P0 Box 12981
Gainesville FL 32604-0981
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